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East Norwalk is a poorly designed local stop on the New Haven Line. Service is just hourly in off-peak hours (the extra semi-express trains skip the station) with South Norwalk, just a mile east across the Norwalk River receiving more service and major parking improvements with a garage built in 1996. The stop is poorly designed because it consists of two 4 car long, completely offset side platforms that are on opposite sides of the underpass of East Avenue. The New York-bound side is to the east, New Haven-bound side to the west, the stops are at the near side of the 'intersection' in bus lingo. East Avenue is a narrow street with a sidewalk (that has a fence) on only the western side of the street that leads to a poorly placed pedestrian crosswalk on the opposite, north side of the driveway up to the New York-bound platform. A final design flaw, as intra-Connecticut travel on the New Haven Line continues to increase is the fact that the station's two TVMs are only on the New York-bound side with the New Haven-bound passengers requiring an unnecessary long walk to buy tickets.

The 4 car long New York-bound platform is canopied for the western third of its length. This canopy has a section of windscreens with panels colored blue and brown. An ADA ramp at the extreme eastern end of the platform and a few staircases lead down to the small roughly 40 space parking lot along the platform At the western end of the platform is the station's small red with a gabled roof station house that looks modern, inside is a small waiting area and shop. On the side of the station house is an NH New Haven replica sign and a few more signs with the letters ENRR (for the station) in a similar format that explain the expensive parking rules "Permit Parking 24/7/365 Days, Weekends Only Daily Rate $8." All access to this platform is from a small steep driveway with a narrow sidewalk on the south side down to East Avenue. On the west side of the entrance is a randomly placed bus shelter for nothing (and no real sidewalk access). There is also a small maroon sign that says East Norwalk - 213 - Train Station.

The New Haven-bound platform is extremely simple, 4 cars long, silver railings and benches, along with a single bus shelter for waiting passengers in the middle of the platform. It is along a parking lot not for rail passengers but surrounding businesses including the Pooch Dog Hotel-Daycare-Spa. A number few staircases lead down to this parking lot plus an ADA ramp at the extreme western end of the platform. A portion of the various parking lots that stream together west of this platform is for commuters.
All Photos: 1 August, 2015

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A train of M8s stops at South Norwalk #9257 is beyond the end of the platform since it can only accommodate 4 cars
A New Haven-bound train of M8s leaves, passing the New York-bound platform
A train of M8s fades into the distance
The New York-bound platform is completely offset and across the street from the New Haven-bound platform
The exposed New Haven-bound platform
This two white domed bus shelter is all New Haven-bound passengers have
Sign to cross the street and walk to the other platform for tickets on the New Haven-bound platform
The slightly wider area with an exposed bench and a bus shelter with a bench are all the passenger amenities of Track 4 for New Haven
Even the parking beneath the New Haven platform is not for the railroad but local businesses
A longer staircase up to the eastern end of the New Haven-bound platform, closest to the walking path to the New York-bound one with a TVM
The narrow sidewalk along East Avenue that is the path between platforms
The low 12'-2 bridge of East Avenue
The sidewalk beneath the New York-bound platform just ends
The crosswalk to get between the platforms is on the wrong side of the driveway away from the platform
The steep driveway and sidewalk that is the entrance to the New York-bound platform
A modern sign for 213 East Norwalk Train Station
A random bus shelter (without sidewalks) along the steep driveway up to the New York platform
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