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University Heights station is located on the banks of the Harlem River. The station is under the University Heights Bridge, where 207th Street crosses the Harlem River and becomes Fordham Road. The station was rebuilt in 2004-2005, although it had an elevator and was accessible before the renovations. Today it consists of a single island platform that can accommodate four cars between the eastern two tracks of a four-track line. The station has a single entrance from the south sidewalk of Fordham Road/the start of the pedestrian path of the University Heights Bridge. The entrance leads to a small enclosed area with the station's TVMs followed by an elevator and a staircase down to the platform. The canopy covers half the platform. Beneath the canopy is a single enclosed waiting area and benches are along the rest of the platform.

During the station's renovation a temporary platform for two tracks was built north of today's station. This platform was accessed only by the north sidewalk of Fordham Road that doesn't cross the bridge. Access then (without a sidewalk in this area from Manhattan) required crossing all four on/off ramps of the Deegan Expressway and walking up to Cedar Avenue before reaching a legal crosswalk across Fordham Road.
Photos 1-12: 16 February, 2005; 13: 21 October, 2005; 14-24: 31 May, 2008; 25-36: 31 October, 2012; 37: 21 October, 2013

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Approaching the closed for reconstruction platform from the University Heights Bridge
bit closer. The elevator shaft and staircase is in clear view
Next to the closed elevator shaft, looking down to the closed platform which is under construction
A sign about the elevator at University Heights closed, and the alternative routes
Looking up the staircase to the temporary platform at University Heights, you have to go up a few steps and then go back down
At the upper most landing above street, Looking down the 3 flights of stairs to the platform
Signs for the two tracks at University Heights
The only platform sign on the temporary platform at University Heights
Looking down the orange line on the wooden platform at University Heights.
Shoreliner #6215 bound for New York bypasses University Heights and the bypass track which doesn't platform
The end of the temporary platform at University Heights in the rain
Looking down a track at University Heights towards the temporary platform in the rain
The platform at University Heights has been rebuilt, looking down the rebuilt, long, narrow platform
Looking towards the southern end of the platform at University Heights from the bridge
A view of the platform at University Heights just beyond the staircase down to it
Looking towards the platform from the University Heights bridge just after the platform ends
M7A #4111 rounds a bend in the Harlem River approaching the University Heights Station leading a Croton-Harmon bound local train.
M7A #4111 approaches University Heights with the Major Deegan Expressway in the background.
M7A #4111 begins to enter University Heights leading a Croton-bound local train.
The middle of a Croton-bound local train of M7As (#4078 and #4083) stops at University Heights.
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Home<New York Metro Area<Metro-North<Hudson Line<University Heights
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