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Morris Heights is located in a very obscure location just beyond I-87, the Major Deegan Expressway, between the highway and the Harlem River. The large low-income superblock housing development River Park Towers, and Roberto Clemente State Park on the River Side of the station surround it. Service is the base of only hourly with no express trains stopping. The station was completely rebuilt in the mid-2000s and is an island platform for the eastern two tracks of what is here a 3-track line. It has a very similar layout to its sister station University Heights one stop north and the platform can only accommodate 4 cars. The entrance is a single staircase and an elevator at the southern end of the platform. These lead up to the northern sidewalk of Tremont Avenue. They connect to the station's grey canopy that stretches from here to over halfway down the platform. There is a single Daily Tickets TVM in an old-style bus shelter adjacent to the station entrance on the sidewalk.
Photos 1-24: 31 May, 2008

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Approaching the Morris Heights Station, it is visible through the chain link fence along the sidewalk on Tremont Avenue.
the entrance to the Morris Heights Station, the staircase and elevator down to the platform are all in a small enclosed structure with glass that allows light in.
The bus shelter where the TVMs are for Morris Heights Station simply ploped on the sidewalk of Tremont Avenue.
Looking down from the enclosed area above the tracks at Morris Heights, with a M7 train stopped in the station.
A Grand Central-bound local train of M7As leaves Morris Heights after stopping.
A train of M7As leaves Morris Heights going through a short tunnel underneath a housing development just south of the station platform.
Looking down the platform at Morris Heights at the single staircase up to street level.
Another view down the decent sized platform at Morris Heights.
The sign for the destinations of the train on each track. To New York, and To Croton-Harmon and Poughkeepsie.
A morris Heights platform sign just before the canopy ends and the platform becomes exposed.
A sign on the platorm at Morris Heights.
Looking south down the platform at Morris Heights towards the station exit, with the houses the train goes under viewable just south of the station.
A closer view of the Apartment Building just south of the Morris Hieghts station that is built directly above the tracks that are in a tunnel.
One of the new watch the gap stickers on one end of a station sign at Morris Heights.
Another view of the staircase that is the station exit at Morris Heights.
The elevator to street at the very southern end of the platform at Morris Heights.
The small enclosed waiting area on the narrow island platform at Morris Heights.
MNR Shoreliner II #6320 Cab Car leads a southbound express train from Poughkeepsie in push mode south towards Morris Heights.
MNR Shoreliner II Cab Car #6320 leads a southbound express train rounding the curve north of Morris Heights .
MNR Shoreliner II Cab Car #6320 approaches Morris Heights to bypass it.
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