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Marble Hill is located on the Harlem River just after trains coming north go under the Broadway Bridge. The station, located in the Marble Hill neighborhood is technically in Manhattan. This tiny area is located in Manhattan because it was once part of the island, before the Harlem River Ship canal was built. The virgin Harlem River tidal estuary here was non-navigable in this area and ran a bit farther north, this was eventually filled in leaving this geographic oddity. The station is a convenient connection to the 1 subway lines at 225 Street-Marble Hill meaning it is a common transfer point. In terms of ridership, only a small minority use the station to ride into Grand Central, most of the ridership comes from the north and gets off at the station to transfer the subway. These riders also pay significantly cheaper (up to $4 to $8) intermediate fares to their design compared to Grand Central. The station is located near the level of the Harlem River with 225th Street 30 feet above on top of a rocky bluff.

Service to the station has always been decent with off-peak service today from the two electric trains per hour, one local and one semi-express stopping at the station. As of 2013 all Poughkeepsie-bound express trains now bypass the station (except for a couple of reverse peak AM trips), under the previous off-peak schedule of just two trains per hour with an electric local and Poughkeepsie-bound dual-mode, diesel semi-express saw most trains to Poughkeepsie stopping at Marble Hill, the new schedule means Marble Hill riders going north of Croton-Harmon face longer travel times of about 21 minutes with a local ride the entire way.

The station was rebuilt between 2004 to 2005 but didn't receive an elevator because there isn't a practical way to build one due to the unique topography. During the rebuilding of the station a temporary platform was built from the current station overpass entrance towards the Broadway Bridge. This temporary wooden platform was unique. It was located on a curve with just four wooden boarding areas up a couple steps for only the first two cars; the rest of this temporary platform had wooden fencing.

The current platform is a narrow single island platform between the north two tracks, just beyond the end of the platform the tracks switch from three to briefly become two beneath a platform on stilts that houses the amenities for an apartment tower. The station can accommodate only four cars. Three quarters of this platform has a canopy with a narrow enclosed waiting area with doors on each end. To leave the platform at its eastern end is a staircase (completely enclosed) that leads most of the distance up the bluff. At an intermediate landing, doors lead into an enclosed area where the station's TVMs are. It ends with a shorter staircase directly up the steep cliff up to the sidewalk of 225 Street just west of the T-intersection of Marble Hill Lane, Broadway is the next street over and this is where the 225 Street-Marble Hill Subway Station high above.
Photos 1-8: 28 December, 2004; 9-14: 6 June, 2004; 15-16: 26 April, 2005; 18-21: 12 February, 2006; 22-30: 17 June, 2005; 31 & 32: 17 March, 2006; 33-39: 27 December, 2010; 40-41: 29 August, 2011; 42-51: 19 July, 2013;; 52-60: 5 July, 2014, 61: 2 November, 2012

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8 diesel Shoreliners pulled by a Genesis Locomotive bearing the New Haven paint scheme consist of the 3:12 Super-Express out of Grand Central to Poughkeepsie, (This train runs non-stop to Croton-Harmon after 125th Street). The train as just bypassed the Marble Hill Station at 3:30.
The temporary platform at Marble Hill is curved and has its own temporary staircase up to the overpass, where another shorter staircase finally exits the station. The normal full length platform is being rebuilt at Marble Hill
M1s #8045 and #8062 stop at the temporary curved platform at Marble Hill on a Croton-bound local train, which only fits 2 cars
A 6 train of M1/3s bound for Croton-Harmon making all stops leave Marble Hill
A 6 car train of M1/3s bound for Croton-Harmon making all stops leave Marble Hill
A 6 car train of M1/3s (#8015 is the leader) bound for New York pass the normal platform at Marble Hill that's being rebuilt
M1 #8015 bound for New York enters the temporary platform at Marble Hill
M1 #8015 bound for New York enters the temporary platform at Marble Hill
A newer CDOT Shoreliner car that includes a center door and the new Connecticut Commuter Rail logo stopped at Marble Hill
Push-Pull Shoreliner #6213 is at the back of a Poughkeepsie-bound train, that has left Marble Hill and is going under the buildings that have been built over the tracks
A concrete bench on the old platform at Marble Hill
Looking down the platform at Marble Hill.
The Marble Hill Station viewed from the Broadway Bridge.
A six car train of M1/3s stop at Marble Hill on their way to New York
A M1 local to Grand Central leaves Marble Hill
A M1 local in the distance at Marble Hill has well as a R62A #2472 on the 1 goes over the Broadway Bridge
A northbound diesel train approaches during a snowstorm that has rendered the electric fleet not-operational. All train service is being provided every 2 hours only Metro-North's small diesel fleet.
P32AC-DM #226 pulls a northbound train
P32AC-DM #226 in the snow
Two diesel trains pass each other as they stop at Marble Hill in the Great Bizzard of 2006.
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