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Riverside is a Metro-North Station in Greenwich, Connecticut on the east side of the Mianus River bridge. The Cos Cob Station is just 0.6 miles west of this station and the public timetable list both stations at 30 miles from Grand Centrale. Walking between the stations is approximately 2 miles because it requires walking north to Route 1 (Putnam Avenue) since the railroad bridge nor the I-95 bridge just north of the station has a pedestrian sidewalk, so a geographic feature keeps the two separate stations alive.

The station contains two six car side platforms for the four-track line, built during the early 1970s for the Cosmopolitan cars. The two platforms are minimally (maybe a quarter car length) off-set from each other with the Grand Central-bound platform running farther west. These two platforms each begin just west of the historic Riverside Avenue bridge across the rail line and run east. This bridge was built in 1871 and relocated in 1894 as written on a historical plaque. The east side of the Riverside Avenue bridge has a separate (and clearly added later) sidewalk with chain-link or metal barrier (to protect the catenary wires) fenced walls that serves as the crossover between platforms with an exposed staircase directly down to both platforms.

For amenities, the Grand Central-bound platform contains a small brick station house towards the eastern end of the platform, with a flat canopy structure covering about two cars, and a very 70’s looking blue and orange windscreen back. The only amenity on the New Haven-bound platform is a single black shelter in the middle of the platform. Both platforms have an ADA ramp and staircases down to small parking lots. The station is definitely not wheelchair accessible because getting between the platforms step-free requires going via nearby streets and the sidewalks are steep in places.
All Photos: 6 October, 2018

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Stepping off M8 #9220 leaves the station on a Grand Central-bound train
A Grand Central-bound local train fades into the distance to cross a bridge
A Riverside platform sign
The station's only TVMs are outside the station house on the Grand Central-bound platform, New Haven-bound passengers have nothing
A warn doormat at the entrance to the station house containing a newsstand that says Riverside RR Station, Welcome Aboard
The Orange and Blue windscreens in front of benches, look a bit last century
A Stamford-bound train approaches
M8 #9528 enters leading a local train
A Stamford-bound train departs
A Stamford-bound local train, passes a Grand Central-bound express train beyond the station
A Grand Central-bound Express train bypasses
A Grand Central-bound Express train goes under the Riverside Avenue bridge
View of the ramp off the Grand Central-bound platform from the staircase up to the Riverside Avenue bridge crossover
The pedestrian bridge is it's own fully enclosed sidewalk along the Riverside Avenue historic road bridge
Plaque for the Riverside Avenue Bridge built in 1871 and relocated in 1894
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