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Cos Cob is a Metro-North Station in Greenwich, Connecticut on the west side of the Mianus River bridge. The Riverside Station is just 0.6 miles east of this station and the public timetable list both stations at 30 miles from Grand Central. Walking between the stations is approximately 2 miles because it requires walking north to Route 1 (Putnam Avenue) since the railroad bridge nor the I-95 bridge that crosses over the western end of the station platform has pedestrian sidewalks.

The station consists of two high-level side platforms built in the 1970s for the Cosmopolitan Cars. The underpass of Sound Shore Drive just east of the platforms, provides the station’s pedestrian cross-under. This underpass has a sidewalk enclosed by a fence made up of long wooden boards to prevent pedestrians from walking in the street. Staircases lead up to a low-level area a short-ways before the modern high-level platforms begin. The platforms each have a ramp up to them from the parking lots along each platform, but Sound Shore Drive provides no wheelchair accessible cross-under between the platforms.

For amenities the Grand Central-bound platform contains a historic built circa 1894 single-story Red station house. This building is a twin (saving the railroad money on architects) to the station in Old Greenwich and similar in style to other New Haven Line Stations. Inside the station house is a coffee bar/newsstand, called Orangeside, open during weekday mornings for commuters, there is also bench, and I presume a public restroom. This building leads out to the Grand Central-bound platform that has a small canopy structure that covers the station’s TVMs. In addition to the portion under the Connecticut Turnpike (I-95) the only other waiting amenity on the New Haven-bound platform is a single black bus shelter for waiting passengers.
All Photos: 6 October, 2018

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Stepping off a train of M8s in front of the red station house
A Grand Central-bound local train fades into the distance under I-95
Looking across to the shelter on the Stamford-bound platform
ACS-64 Sprinter #665 pulls the Vermonter heading to St. Albans through Cos Cob
The Orange and Blue windscreens in front of benches, look a bit last century
The blur of ACS-Sprinter #665 that is pulling the electrified portion of the Vermonters long day journey from Washington to St. Albans, Vermont
The rear Cafe/Buissiness Class Amfleet of the 6 car Vermonter, much shorter than the normal Northeast Regional
The historic station, I-95 in the background
Looking into Orangeside, home of the Square Donut
A Grand Central-bound Express train bypasses
A waiting bench inside the staiton house, open weekday mornings
Plaque for the Cos Cob Railroad Station, built circa 1894 and placed on the National Register of Historic Places on July 28, 1989
The Metro-North schedule panel and fridge with a Coca-Cola logo but not clearly any Coke products
One side of the red station house
Beyond the end of platforms, that end under I-95
A staircase off the platform, down to a walkway under the highway
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