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Old Greenwhich is a local stop on the New Haven Line. The station consists of two side platforms on the four-track New Haven Line that are currently undergoing renovations (as of 2019) as part of the Old Greenwich Railroad Station Upgrades and Bridge Replacement project. This project is extending the two side platforms to 10 cars, installing 3 larger modern shelter structures (2 on the New York-bound platform, 1 on the New Haven-bound platform), replacing the fencing with modern silver fencing, and rebuilding the steps and ramps up to each platform with concrete, replacing current wooden ones.

The station's two side platforms begin with staircases down to the sidewalks on each side of Sound Beach Avenue and run east. The sidewalks of Beach Avenue provide the only connection between the two platforms. Along each platform is a parking lot with a ramp (although there is no clear ADA connection between the platforms) off the platform. The Grand Central-bound platform contains the historic South Beach Station House. This depot was built in built in 1892, moved to its current location in 1895 and the stop was finally given its current name of Old Greenwich only in 1931. Inside the station house is a waiting room with restrooms, a shuttered ticket office, and some memorabilia of Old Greenwich. Outside of the station house, and extending away from the depot, the Grand Central-bound platform has a short canopy structure covering about 2 cars.
All Photos: 6 October, 2018

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Stepping off M8 #9270 on a Grand Central-bound train making its first stop after leaving Stamford
The ramp off the Grand Central platform, one modern railing, one older one
A Grand Central-bound train of M8s departs
Acela Power Car #2032 zooms through Old Greenwich
Acela Express cars go through Old Greenwich
Acela Power Car #2008 brings up the rear
An Acela Express fades into the distance
Looking across to the shelter on the Stamford-bound platform
Looking up from the parking lot at the end of the platform canopy
The ramp and staircase
Streetside of the Red Depot
A mailbox outside the depot
Plaque for South Beach Railroad Station on the depot
Looking into the closed on Saturday morning waiting room
One side of the Red Station house
The walkway to an old wooden staircase (posed for refurbishment) below the platform
Looking across to the new platform extension over South Beach Avenue
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Home<New York·Connecticut<Metro-North<New Haven Line<Old Greenwich
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