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World Trade Center is the last underground Silverline Station in its transitway and just east of the stop the line rises up to street level but the trolley wire and private ROW continues to Silver Line way two blocks west. The entrance to the bus tunnel has more than just signs say Do Not Enter Buses Except but barrier arms that rise up to let only buses through like at a parking garage. An employee seems to be stationed there to make sure electric mode is operating properly on all buses. SL1 Logan Airport buses basically serve the station twice, first stopping outside the station (at their only stop not in the transitway), drop off only inbound, before looping down Congress Street to Silver Line Way, stopping there, rising the buses' trolley wire, entering electric mode and running into the transitway. The station itself has two side platforms (an island would require the dual-mode trolley buses to have left-hand doors which they do not have) The stops proximity to the suraface is quite visible with daylight pouring in from the ends of the platforms as well as windows in the sides of the stations roof. For access stairs/up escalators and an elevator leads up from the inbound western end of the platforms to a small overpass level where fare control is, this in turn leads to a passageway to doors out to Congress Street and escalators up to the Boston World Trade Center.
All photos taken on 27 June, 2011

world_trade_center	1
Wavy silver wall decorations at Silver Line Way, the stop name is abbreviated
world_trade_center	2
Daylight is clearly visible beyond the station
world_trade_center	3
A fence prevents people from crossing the tracks
world_trade_center	4
world_trade_center	5
A passenger approaches the faregates
world_trade_center	6
Inbound or Outbound?
world_trade_center	7
The main entry area with the faregates visible
world_trade_center	8
Doors out to the street
world_trade_center	9
An SL1 to South Station stopped outside of the station, it will stop again once it loops around and switches to trolley wire again
world_trade_center	10
The station entrance from the street
world_trade_center	11
A train crosses traffic to enter the bus tunnel in electric mode, notice its trolley poles
world_trade_center	12
The tracks going down into the transitway at World Trade Center
world_trade_center	13
The transitway entrance, notice the gate arms, fence and non-open walkway
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