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Courthouse is the most overbuilt modern transit station I can think of. It is one of the three underground stations on the silver line where it operates under trolley wire and has the required two side platforms (the buses only have right-side doors). Above the platforms in this modern station with silver walls and indirect lighting is a wide mezzanine, access to this mezzanine from each platform is via an up escalator/staircase to High Exit Turnstiles at the eastern end and an escalator/staircase and elevator at the western end. This means there is no free crossover. The station mezzanine leads out at the western end to two up escalator/staircase and separate elevators to eitherside of Seaport Blvd in the middle of vacant and parking lots, with just some buildings around. The stop was designed to spur redevelopment but not much has yet.
All photos taken on 27 June, 2011

Staircases to the mezzanine level and station exit
Unique black text on silver platform signs
Do Not Walk across the tracks
Faregates from the inbound platform with those from the outbound visible across
Plaque for Courthouse's opening
The mezzanine area
One of two station entrance buildings at street level
A seperate elevator structure at street level
Looking across to the main station entrance
A T ad for itself on an entrance metioning it is America's first subway
Courthouse St tion
About to go down the stairs into the station
Scattered FVMs in the station lobby
A directional sign
The huge and empty (IND worthy) mezzanine
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