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The South Station subway and busway station is located beneath the rail station of the same name and was recently rebuilt to incorporate the Silverline Waterfront Busway Subway Station situated above the rail platforms. These platforms have a simple layout with the subway platforms located as side platforms beneath the bus platforms. Both lines have side platforms and buses drop-off there passengers before reversing and looping beyond the station, to pick up new ones. The station has one central mezzanine area where exits lead to both directly within South Station and also to surrounding streets. From the central mezzanine staircases/up escalators lead down to a level alongside the silver line platforms where more escalators/staircases lead out perpendicular to each of the red line platforms down below. The platforms all have modern grey tiling except for a few old name tablets saying South Station Under with white text on blue on the red line platform. Along each of the red line platforms there is also a high exit only turnstiles that leads to an up escalator and staircase directly to the mezzanine level.
Photos 1-9 taken on 23 August, 2009, 10-23 on 27 June, 2011, 24-28 on 19 March, 2013, 29-33: 21 December, 2013

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One of the historic name tablets
The upper level Silver Line platforms
Silver Line opening plaque
Passengers wait for the Silver Line to the Airport infrequent due to the fact it is a Sunday
Do Not Cross the Tracks
Entry faregates
Subway entrance inside South Station
The Silver Line discharge platform with a sign for the Dudley branch that stops on street level
The silver line terminating discharge platform
Dudley or Alewife. The silver line gets a bit confusing since different branches stop on the surface and in the subway
Historic South Station Under mosaic
Passengers wait for the red line
The exit only escalator/stairs, both red line platforms have these for direct mezzanine access
The top of the escalator/stairs, not an entrance
Entry faregates
Red Line is all trains because the corridor splits to each platform from the Silver Line level
The complex staircase landing along the Silver line inbound platform that is drop-off only
The red line platform
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Home<Boston MBTA<Silver Line<South Station
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