Silver Line Way
 left World Trade Center
Transitway Ends:
SL1-to Logan Airport
SL2-to Design Center
SL3-to Chelsea
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Silver Line Way is a simple bus stop in the transitway and passengers simply pay there fares on board. Amenities are just a conventional shelter and sign like at any bus stop. There is also a small shed for employees. The stop is though important because it is where buses switch from diesel mode to electric mode for the rest of the trip into South Station, or the opposite for the rest of the trip on local streets to Design Center (SL2) or Logan Airport (SL1) or Chelsea (SL3) via the Ted Williams Tunnel. There is also a loop under trolley wire for short-turning trolley buses, and the stop has four total lanes of wire to facilitate this. The loop is used by a few short-turn rush hour trips that run only in the trolleycar tunnel. It was crucial during the early days of the Silver Line when not enough dual-mode Neoplan USA AN460LF dual-mode 60 foot articulated buses had been delivered yet so brand-new AN440LF-ETB true trolley bus only mode buses now running in Cambridge were used at first with all buses short-turning here.
All photos taken on 27 June, 2011

On a walkway towards Silver Line way notice the lattice of trolleybus wire
The inbound bus stop
Another view of the shelter and conventional bus stop sign
A bus stop
The outbound platform and turn around loop
Outbound waiting passengers
A SL2 bus approaches the wires where it will soon rise up its trolley poles
Where buses should stop is dictated by a stop sign
A dual-mode bus rises up its trolley bus to run under only electricity for the rest of the trip to South Station
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