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North Quincy has a single island platform with two exits at each end of the platforms. These each have a staircase/up escalator and elevator to a small overpass where the faregates and FVMs are. The northern end leads out to two elevators and staircases on either side of the tracks, one down to the large parking lot east of the station, to the west it leads out to some commercial buildings. At the southern end the entrance is directly above the tracks where the station house leads out to doors at a bus loop on West Squantum Street. A staircase leads up to that street from an end of one of the parking lots signed for the MBTA although passengers must walk briefly on a regular sidewalk
All photos taken on 28 June, 2011

The doors out to the northern exit
The bridge across the commuter tracks to surrounding buisinesses from the northern exit
A set of faregates
The southern exit including a T-logo on the much more modern elevator shaft compared to the brutalist 1970s staircase
There is another very full parking lot
The parking lot entrance
Approaching the overpass entrance at the southern end of the station and the bus/taxi loop right at it
The parking lot extends to it
The southern end entrance
A staircase signed to the station from a parking lot although passengers must cross the tracks on Squantum Street to reach the station
Going down to the platforms from the southern entrance
An elevator
One of the odd windscreened waiting benches on the platform
Home<Boston MBTA<Red Line<North Quincy
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Last Updated: 19 July, 2011
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