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Kendall/MIT Station is an underground red line station and one of the few with two side platforms and no crossover or under with fare control directly along the platforms. The stops historic walls that were originally mosaics have been covered up like almost all the others on the MBTA but the standard pictures of the neighborhood do include photographs of MIT nerds doing their trades in previous years. Each platform has two entrances. A secondary one has a street stair from each side of Main Street at Hayward Street down to a few fairgates on each platform. There are no FVMs at that entrance and signs say enter with CharlieCards/Tickets. The main entrance consists of an elevator and staircase/escalator down to main fare control areas at the level of each platform on eitherside of Main Street right in the middle of its campus by its COOP.
Photos 1-15 taken on 27 June, 2011, 16-19: 21 December, 2013

The decorative concrete above the tunnel portal entrance at the end of the Longfellow Bridge
The red line is back underground
An inbound station entrance has a vintage kiosk
Multiple Inbound Signs
A more modern outbound platform entrance
Another view of the more modern entrance
A passenger looks at outbound train information right from the street
The main inbound entrance with an elevator
The outbound entrance is set within a building
Approaching the faregates at Kendall/MIT
Looking across at the main inbound platform entrance
Pictures on the platform walls
Passengers waiting for an entering inbound train
A picture of MIT nerds from some years ago, you can tell by their glasses
Getting off a train at MIT (no free crossover/under)
One set of fare gates
Entrance to the Outbound to Alewife platform only directly onto the platform
A nighttime view of the outbound entrance at the eastern end of the platform
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