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Packards Corner is where Commonwealth Avenue and the Green Line tracks running in the median makes a curve to the south, with traffic that continues straight continuing onto Brighton Avenue. It was at this intersection that trolley tracks used to continue down the median of Brighton Avenue (with a switch that remained in place until the mid-2010s) that were used by the ‘A’ Watertown branch of the Green Line until the last regular service ran on June 20, 1969, and replaced by the Route 57 bus that now runs between Watertown and Kenmore where passengers can transfer to 3 of the 4 Green Line branches. The tracks along the corridor weren’t removed until the mid-1990s with trains continuing to use the out of service tracks to reach the Watertown Car house. This line was largely street-running west of Union Square, just a half-mile from Packards Corner.

The station consists of two side platforms for the two-track line that begin just southwest of where ‘B’ Line trains curve south from the former ‘A’ line tracks that there is still a switch remaining from, this sidewalk at the southern side of the intersection provides the only station entrance. The stop is the most-Inbound stop along Commonwealth Avenue where, the rail line is closer to the northern part of the street, because Commonwealth Avenue has a main two-way roadway, with one-way local service roads. The Green Line tracks are between the westbound roadway and service road, with traffic going in the same direction between the two-way Green Line tracks. The Outbound platform is simple with no fence and no amenities. The Inbound platform has a narrow shelter with black framework and two separate sections of white domed roofs, and has a jersey barrier between it and the main roadway lanes Commonwealth Avenue.
All photos taken on 16 December, 2011

Home<Boston MBTA<Green Line<Packards Corner
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