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Newton Centre (the spelling has been changed in all the signs from Center since my first visit in 2005) at Piccadilly Square is one of two 'D' branch stations that still has its historic Boston and Albany Railroad Station house. This depot was built in 1890 and is now home to a cafe. The tracks here are in an open-cut beneath local streets so the depot has two levels and is along the outbound platform that has a singled gabled canopy for most of its length. The inbound platform has both the standard wooden enclosure of the 'D' Branch and the modern Charlie enclosure. Each platform has a tactile warning strips with a mobile-lift along the outbound platform and a wooden wheelchair ramp with an outdated list of the few additional accessible station locations at the end of it. Platform access is via staircases down from each side of the depot along Union Street. There is a staircase down to the inbound platform from Braeland Avenue. A ramp leads down to the outbound platform (the only step-free way to access the platform) from the corner of Herrick Road and Union Street with an additional staircase down to the outbound platform from the Herrick Road's overpass of the tracks.
All photos unless overwise noted taken on 16 December, 2011

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Boeing LRV #3485 running outbound leaves Newton Center.
18 August, 2005
Commuters board Type 7 LRV #3605 on an inbound Goverment Center Bound train at Newton Center during the morning rush.
19 August, 2005
A side entrance to Newton Center
19 August, 2005
The outbound platform at Newton Center, the station is in an open-cut, and is located in town at Piccadilly Square
19 August, 2005
A street side view of the depot and Newton Centre at Piccadilly Square
Plaque for the fact the depot is on the national register of historic places
The depot from across Union Street
A T-post and staircase down to the platforms in front of the depot
Signs on the platform
The sign above the ramp entrance, the blue wheelchair sticker has been pulled off
On the ramp down to the platforms
Reaching the outbound platform
Looking across to the long canopy from the depot along the outbound platform
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