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Newton Highlands is one of two 'D' branch stations that still has its historic Boston and Albany Railroad Station house. This depot was built in 1887 and is now home to a dentist and other types of professional offices. The tracks here are in an open-cut beneath local streets so the depot has two levels and is along the outbound platform. The inbound platform has both the standard wooden enclosure of the 'D' Branch and the modern Charlie enclosure. Each platform still just has the wide yellow line but each also has a mobile-lift for ADA boarding procedures. Access both to the outbound platform is via a steep ramp down from Station Avenue next to the depot and a ramp down from the SE corner of Station Avenue and Walnut street that crosses the tracks on a bridge just beyond the outbound ends of the platforms.
Photos 4-13 taken on 15 December June, 2011 and 14-17 on 16 December, 2011, 18-23: 21 December, 2013

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Type 7 LRV #3626 at Newton Highlands has passengers cross the outbound tracks to the inbound tracks to transfer to the LRV after taking a shuttle bus. Trains were terminating here requiring the bus because of construction
13 June, 2004
Type 7 LRV #3613 enters revenue service at Newton Highlands after switching ends and tracks just beyond the station at a set of crossover switches
13 June, 2004
Stepping off of a train at night
14 December, 2011
The depot
Plaque for the history of the depot
The ramp entrance
A T-post at the station entrance
Rocks along one of the two platform entrances
A closed entrance to the depot
The main station entrance
The canopy off of the depot is all the amenities for waiting outbound passengers
Portions of the station house along the platform are boarded up
The main entrance from Walnut Street's overpass
Approaching the historic Newton Highlands stone station
Looking down on the platforms below the stone station at a grade crossing
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