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Lechmere is the northern terminus of the green line trolley and presently only 'E' Heath Street trains make the northern trip all the way across the Lechmere Viaduct, the last elevated section remaining on the green line, a national historic landmark and one of the last real elevated sections of track in all of Boston. The trolley loop itself is at street level but trains leave the elevated just before the station. Incoming trains enter and discharge there passengers to an exit platform with an old wooden canopy that also covers the bus loop used by the 4 bus connections further into Cambridge. The roof is low enough to warrant No CNG signs at the entrances so these routes can only be served by diesel buses. The exit is directly along the O'Brien Highway and across it is the stations 347 space parking lot (weekday availability <1%, price as of 2011 $5.50). Trains than turn around using and outside loop, in the area in between there is a second loop plus two more sidings for storing trollies. Passengers arriving to the system walk (or get dropped off by a terminating bus) at the stations little drop-off loop (MBTA buses only, not a kiss-n-ride) right off of Cambridge Street. Here another old wooden enclosure covers the fare gates and lead out to a very narrow area for boarding the trollies. On this platform is a little concession window with a decaying sign that says 'Trolley Snacks, Hot/Cold Food.' Passengers wishing to get between the respective platforms can use a pedestrian underpass just south of the station, or walk north of the trolley loop and down 2nd Street using local streets.
All photos taken on 14 December, 2011

The Lechmere viaduct
The elevated changes from concrete to old fashioned iron
The elevated crosses the O'Brien Highway to enter the terminus
A train crosses above the intersection
The elevated runs down to street level for the final station, until 1922 trolley cars continued on the surface
Sign for the accessible station entrance
The bus pick-up area near the exit platform
The exit platform for trollies and the bus stop just beyond
The exit only sign at the exit platform
The buses wooden shelter for arrivals
The northern end of the trolley exit platform and origination point for buses
No CNG buses through the bus loop
Approaching the entrance and prepayment area
The bus drop off area
The TVMs are to the side of the few fare gates at the station's entrance with its wooden roof
Sign and window for the Trolley Snacks Coffee Shop on the inbound narrow platform
The narrowness of the inbound platform
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