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Science Park is the one station in the middle of the historic landmarked Lechmere Viaduct. It (along with Lechmere) was closed most recently from April 30 to November 5, 2011 to rebuilt the elevated platform and install elevators making the station fully ADA compliant. It was previously closed for construction from June 28, 2004 to November 12, 2005 to demolish the Causeway Street elevated and replace it with tunnel portal connections at North Station. The station is now closed again starting May 24, 2020 through April 2021 for the Green Line extension project

Today the station has two side platforms, each has a mini-high platform for ADA compliancy at its front end (although with Low-Floor Type-8s on almost every train I don't see why these are necessary), the outbound ends of the platforms are left exposed to the elements with a tall black fence reenforcing the concrete fence of the viaduct. The inbound end of each platform has a green canopy, some glass and some concrete walls from the viaduct that is a registered historic landmark. To exit the station a single staircase and elevator leads down to a small mid-level mezzanine area where the fare gates are for prepayment (before the stations recent renovations fares were paid directly on the trollies). Two staircases lead down to street level in a plaza at the wide intersection of Sarrow Drive, Charles Street and Nashua Street across from the Charles River. Elevator access is more unusual, it is provided by the inbound elevator down to street level and its own couple of fare gates, ADA passengers for outbound trains must use the mezzanine to reach the outbound platform.
All photos taken on 14 December, 2011

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A Lechmere-bound train leaves Science Park
The exposed northern end of the platform
The mini-high platform for wheelchair boarding of type-7s
The one staircase down to the small mezzanine
The stop has unique, more modern signs this is the staircase up to the Lechmere-bound platform
Which direction? both have elevators
The fare gates
The elevator has its own fare control area at street level, this meant the station needed only two shafts instead of three
The short staircase up to the fare control area
The station is situated on the historic Lechmere viaduct
Looking across O'Brien Highway
1910 is clearly engraved in the concrete
Looking across Storrow Drive to the station as evening sets in
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