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Beaconsfield is a standard 'D' Line station surrounded by trees with two ground-level side platforms that have just yellow lines along the track edges. For amenities for waiting passengers, the inbound platform has a wooden shelter with a bench inside, the outbound has the Charlie enclosure along a tiny parking lot that provides the station's main entrance trough a small access road from Beaconsfield Road, there is also an overpass at the outbound end of the station and a staircase leads up from the end of the outbound platform up to Dean Road.
All photos taken on 16 December, 2011

The old Beaconsfield sign
The simple inbound platform
The little parking lot along the outbound platform
The main entrance to Beaconsfield across from an apartment building with that name
Home<Boston MBTA<Green Line<Beaconsfield
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Last Updated: 22 December, 2011
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