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 At Scollay Square
Government Center
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Government Center (at Scollay Square) is a shared Blue Line and Green Line station, accessed via a single station house that looks like it rises up from the brick plaza in front of City Hall. This has a single staircase/escalators down to the Green Lines strange single platform that has outside tracks for C and E trolleys that continue north to North Station and Leachmere while there is a single looping inside track for terminating and originating B-Boston College and D-Riverside branch trolleys within the station. This platform is connected by a few staircases and an elevator to the simple island platform for the blue line's two subway tracks below, and the stop acts as the terminus when Bowdion is closed after 6:30pm weekdays and all day weekends. A temporary full closure of the station has been proposed for the installment of street elevators and an additional entrance that would bring station access much closer to Bowdion and close that stop.
Photos 1-6 taken on 23 August, 2009, 7-18 on 27 June, 2011, 19-20 on 15 December, 2011, 21-25: 22, August 2013, 26-31: 21 December, 2013

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Red Sox Fans wait for the green line to Fenway
On the wide strangely shaped platform at Government Center
A staircase down to the blue line
A Type-7 trolley stops
The Bowdion-bound side of the blue line platform with the hours it is open
An old name tablet for Scollay Under
On the green line platform
More artwork on a faulk track wall
The wide green line platform with its two tracks that go straight through and one that loops within the station for terminating trolleys
More curving walls of the Blue Line
More art panels on the platform
The one staircase/escalator structure up to the street
Approaching to the fare gates
The doors into the station
A wider view of the station headhouse that seems to rise up from the plaza
The back of the brick jungle that is the station plaza
A final view of the back of the station house
The escalator up from the Blue line's lower platform
Depictions of streetcars on the back wall unused trolley loop that can loop trolleys from the north
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