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Bowdoin is the terminus of the Blue line and is accessed via a single entrance perched into a plaza in the small Cardinal Cushing Park along Cambridge Street. This entrance as a staircase and up escalator that lead to a small fare control area at the junction of the two curving platforms (that become a connected island south of it) that facilitate the loop Blue Line trains use to reverse, the platforms are extremely short and all 6 cars of a 6 car train can platform on the terminating westbound platform. Only 4 cars of a 6 car train can platform on the originating outbound platform and this stop is the only place where push to open door buttons on the sides of Blue Line trains are ever used. The platforms have simple yellow tiled walls and lots of tiled pillars
All photos taken on 27 June, 2011

Bowdoin's only entrance
The doors into the limited hours station
The bank of turnstiles are across from a FVM
A High Turnstile and the faregates
Approaching the junction of the two angled platforms
The platform for terminating trains
The station exit between the two platforms
The platforms end at nearly an angeled
A Blue Line train terminates
The two platforms curving away from each other
A train enters service at Bowdoin, it is the only stop where the push-buttons on train doors are used
Home<Boston MBTA<Blue Line<Bowdoin
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