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Park Street is one of the 4 stations located beneath downtown Boston that is part of the square where all 4 T lines intersect. The upper level of this station is used by the green line and has 4 tracks with three platforms; the outbound direction has a single island platform for its two tracks. The outside tracks are used by C and E branches that have originated at South Station or Leachmere. The inside track is used by the B and D branches that have originated at Government Center. For Inbound trains there are two tracks and two platforms, except all trains stop on the outside track. this track is covered by rubber allowing passengers to walk over the track to access its additional side platform. These trolleys open their doors on both sides. The side platform also has a little store on it that calls itself T-Underground (or at least the sign next to it). To enter the station at the southern end of the outbound platform there are on platform ticket gates that lead to a staircase up to Boston Common across from the intersection of Tremont Street with West Street. This is followed by an underpass with elevators that connects all three of the green line platforms. At the northern end of the platforms is where staircases lead down from each side of the green line to the red line's three platforms, as well as the station's main exits situated directly on the green line platforms to staircases up to both sides of Tremont Street (some situated in Boston Common) just south of Park Street, each though has its own little fare control area, including the street elevator. The entrances in Boston Common are pull of small plaques and signs commemorating the fact that this is America's first subway staiton. Walking Access to Downtown Crossing on the Orange Line (and the red line) is provided via the Winter Street Concourse.
Photos 1 & 2: 19 August 19, 2005; 3-17: June 29, 2011; 18-34: 14 December 14, 2011; 35-43: August 22, 2013; 44: December 21, 2013

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