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Kostner is the most eastern of the three Pink Line Stations located at grade level, it was recently renovated and was closed from June 15, 2002 to July 17, 2003. Passengers used a temporary station shared with Pulaski (also closed for renovations) a few blocks east (History on Chicago-L.org). The stop has a single island platform and high fences keep cars off the tracks driving in the alleys with garages for nearby homes.There are grade crossings at each end of the the station's island platform where the two station entrances are. The platform can be divided into thirds, the middle of the platform is left exposed to the elements while the eastern and western ends have simple oversized peaked canopies held up by white and cream supports. The exposed portion of the platform have simple white posts holding up lampposts and station signs. There is no complex canopies like at the elevated renovated station.

For exits: At the western end of the platform a ramp leads down to a very narrow but modern white brick station house on the eastern side of Kostner Avenue in the middle of its grade crossing. Inside the station house are a few turnstiles and a booth for the security guard. The ramps inside make the stop ADA compliant to the disabled. The exterior wall has a nice mural: Birth of Heroes: A Mandala for Harmony by Ivan Watkins, Digital transfer on tile. At the eastern end of the platform there is single high farecard entrance/exit turnstile that leads down seven steps to the western side of Kildare Avenue in the middle of its grade crossing. A separate artwork, Seeds of the Future are Planted Today by Béatrice Coron, Water jet cut stainless steel consist of the four fencing panels that run between both of the exits and the small areas on the sidewalk surrounded by fencing (in the case of jaywalking across the street) or by pedestrian crossing gates.
All photos taken on 3 August, 2011

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A train leaves the station
Approaching the secondary exit's high turnstile on one end of the platform before a grade crossing
The tiny entrance area from Kildare Avenue and Seeds of the Future are Planted Today
The staircase up to the high entrance farecards only turnstile
#3200 approaches the grade crossing running to 54/Cermark
#3200 starts to cross Kildare
#3162 enters the station
The view down one of the alleys along the station
Looking down a different alley to the station
The Kostner grade crossing starts to go down
The stations two different artworks with the grade crossing down
The danger keep off tracks and wood area before the third rail begins again
#3159 leads a Loop-bound train approaching the Kostner grade crossing before entering the station
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