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Cicero is the last intermediate stop on the Douglas Branch presently used by the Pink Line and is located at grade level. The current stop was opened in 1978 replacing the previous station located across the street. Already ADA complaint with ramps up at each end of the platform, it was left untouched during the 'Renew the Blue' renovations in the early 2000s, except for receiving compasses at the exits. The stop has a single platform that is entirely covered by a simple flat white canopy that covers the track area as well. The canopy is supported by posts extending up each side of the tracks (with odd triangle bottoms) and these have a column less platform. At each end of the platform are the station exits. Each is simply an extension of the platform with plexiglass walls along the edges of the tracks and ramps gradually sloping down to street level in the middle of the streets grade crossings with passengers leaving the station facing a fence directly in front of them and crossing gates on each side. 21st Place is directly north of the station and tracks. The station's main and only accessible exit and only open entrance is at the eastern end of the station and leads down to Cicero Avenue. Inside the station house are a few turnstiles and a 1970s former cashier booth to one side. The 49th Avenue station house at the western end of the platform has been exit only since the agent left during the AM rush hour (Compete history on Chicago-L.org) in 1981. There is an abandoned cashiers booth with gated off entrance lanes on each side. There is then a single high exit turnstile for exiting passengers. There is a black box for changing illuminated signs that can display Exit Closed Enter at Circero or Enter Here: Pay Onboard. When I visited (and tried to enter at this station house, had to walk back to Circero) the illuminated sign said Pay Onboard. This fare payment technique the CTA hasn't done for at least 15 years since AFC began!
All photos taken on 3 August, 2011

The ramp down to the main exit to Cicero
#3138 crosses Cicero
The turnstiles and FVMs at the only entrance from Cicero. The station house lacks doors
Platform signs towards the Cicero end of the station
View from 21 Place
Looking down one of the tracks into the station
Renovations gave the 49th Ave end of the station a compass
Approaching the 49th Avenue exit with its fenced off cashiers booth, not used since the 1980s
A sign that hasn't been accurate for at least 15 years saying to Enter here pay on train at the now Out only exit
The platform viewed from one of the alleys outside of it
On the platform with its canopy that even covers the tracks
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