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Pulaski is a Pink Line station that was rebuilt during the 'Renew the Blue' project and was closed from June 15, 2002 to January 13, 2004 with a temporary station shared with Kostner (also closed for renovations) serving passengers (Complete History on Chicago-L.org). The station has an island platform (and always did). Beginning at the western end there is first the tall, grey walled with a blue roof and CTA logo on top elevator, this is directly at the western end of the modern 'Renew the Blue' canopy with opaque metal triangles interlaced with glass for the roof. This canopy covers about half of the platform. There is a second three triangle supplemental canopy towards the eastern end of the platform. Otherwise it has simply bare silver posts holding up little lights and oddly angled platform signs.

A combined staircase/up escalator and elevator lead down to a fairly large and modern station house beneath the elevated structure. The station house is along the east side of Pulaski Road and a bus loop encircles the other three sides. Tall white canopies extend over the north and south sides of the bus loop which is presently unused. The one connecting route, the #53 doesn't pull in, simply stopping right in front of the station or across the street from the station on each side of Pulaski Road. The main exit is via turnstiles inside the station house but there are also two high exit turnstiles directly outside the station house for faster egress to the presently unused bus loop. The walls of the station house are decorated with Pulaski Station by Adam Brooks, Mixed media mosaic with water jet cut glass in three panels, 2004. Here are three blue panels with quotes in red from Muhammad Ali, James Cone and Haki Madhubuti about what it means to be human. There is a secondary exit at the end of the main canopy portion. Here a staircase leads down to a high exit turnstile at street level along the western side of Harding Avenue.
All photos taken on 3 August, 2011

The elevator at the end of the canopied portion of the platform
Edge of platform sign, the two exit signs
The secondary exit staircase to Harding Avenue
The middle of the platform and secondary canopy beyond
Staircase to the secondary exit
The high exit only turnstile beneath an exit sign
No entrance here!
Looking up at the secondary portion of the canopy
This tall canopy is designed for connecting bus passengers although no buses stop beneath
View from one end of the bus loop and the secondary exit beyond
Doors into the station along Pulaski
Escalator up to the platform with the quotes
Another mosaic quote
Plaque for Pulaski Station
High Exit turnstiles directly out of the station house
A platform sign and the canopy over the unused bus loop
The elevator and platform signs
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