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59th Street/University of Chicago is a Metra Electric Station that's closest to the University of Chicago, although the heart of campus is about 6 blocks west, and runs north beginning at 59th Street so certain parts of campus are closer to the 55th/56th/57th Street Stop.

The current station consists of two high-level platforms that serve all tracks of the four track electrified line that are old fashioned and wooden. The station feels in need of renovations. The platforms main amenities for waiting passengers are a single wooden waiting room in the middle of each platform

To leave the platforms a staircase leads down from the northern end of each platform to a short low-platform area, with gates in case low-level boarding is ever needed. From here wooden portals surround a single staircase off of each platform. These lead down nearly to street level to an intermediate landing where four steps split off at 90 degree angles, the outside staircases lead directly to the north sidewalk of 59th Street in it's tunnel beneath the train tracks. The inner short staircases lead to a small station entrance area with a radiator and not much else. Two doors in arched doorways lead out of this small station house area.
Photos 1-18: 10 June, 2018; 19-29: 16 June, 2019

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A Divvy Station outside the wide sidewalk that leads to the station entrance
White walls on the main sidewalk to the station entrance
Bricks surround the staircases that have to lead at an odd angle from the station entrance
Short staircases up towards the platform staircases
On a staircase up to the Chicago-bound platform
Approaching the intermediate low-level platform for the Chicago-bound platform
A chain covers a low-level boarding area, although all tracks have platforms
A platform sign
Additional staircases up to each platform
The portal around the staircase off the platform
Inside the central station area between the two staircases
Entrance from the central area for the from Chicago platform
Up the short staircase for the from Chicago platform
The second staircase up to the from Chicago platform
The wooden enclosure around the from Chicago platform exit
The little staircase in the corner is one of the station entrances
Stepping off a Metra Electric Train that has just stopped
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