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63rd Street is the last Metra Station still in service (there is also an abandoned 67th Street Station) before the South Chicago Branch splits off (at a flying junction) for it's partially street median running branch line to South Chicago. Most off-peak Metra Trains on both the South Chicago, Maine Line, and Blue Island branches serve the station. The stop is also a flag stop for one inbound (at 7:47am) and two outbound (one at 3:32pm, and one at 6:15pm) South Sore Line Trains. Although the South Shore Line follows Metra all the way to Kensington (switching off Metra just before the 111th Street Station), all South Shore Line trains run 'express' from here to Hegewisch. The stop serves the Mount Carmel High School and is the primary reason a few South Shore Line trains stop. In addition IC intercity trains served the stop until the creation of Amtrak with a now abandoned third platform between the two freight tracks.

The station has not been renovated and consists of two high-level wooden island platforms between the four-track line. These platforms have small black bus shelters for waiting passengers and no other amenities. Entrances are at both ends of the platforms, these consist of a single staircase with white sheds surrounding the staircase entrances. These stairs lead to the north sidewalk of 64th Street (at the southern end) in its underpass and the south sidewalk of 63rd Street at the northern end. At the 64th Street end the portal and staircase starts directly on the platform. At the 63rd Street end the portal and staircase has a small landing at track-level (with chains) in case a low-level only train needs to stop before wooden steps lead up to the high-level platform.
Photos 1-23: 26 June, 2016 on a visit by bicycle; 24-27: 5 May, 2018

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A sign on the side of the railroad viaduct/embankment bridge for 63rd Street
A parking lot alongside the station
A concrete platform staircase
A faded To Chicago sign
Bus shelters are the only platform amenities
A 63rd Street platform sign
The short staircase down to a track level chained off area and the staircase down to 64th Street
A Platform sign for 63rd Street-63rd St. & Dorchester St.
A South Shore Line train approaches to bypass
MU #41 leads an Indiana-bound South Shore Line train towards the station
The blur of a 4 car South Shore train to Michigan City passing through
MU #41 and a South Shore train fade into the distance
A South Shore Line train bypasses 63rd Street
Down the steps off the platform at the 63rd Street end
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Home<Chicago<Metra<Metra Electric District<63rd Street
Home<Chicagoland<South Shore Line<63rd Street

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