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Jackson is the southern station of the continuous island platform under downtown Chicago on the Dearborn Street Subway that opened on February 25, 1951. The station was renovated in about 2007 and has a modern blue square tiled roof above the platform, a hanging lighted sign area with signs for the station entrances, train directions and other service information. In the middle of the platform is the one still open free transfer between the Dearborn and State Street, Red and Blue Line subways, two staircases lead down to this pedestrian tunnel.

The station, like the others on the Downtown Chicago Subways has two mezzanines. The northern Jackson/Adams mezzanine is accessible by a combined staircase/escalator and an elevator just beyond up to turnstiles, with a secondary staircase beyond the stopping area for trains, that leads up to a high exit turnstile. This mezzanine contains an out of system underground tunnel to the State Street subway and the Red Line. It also contains two minimalist simple silver staircases up to each side of Dearborn Street (marked for both the Red and Blue Lines) and an elevator up to the east side of the street

The southern, Jackson/Van Buren Mezzanine, has been renovated and has two exit staircases up to the west side, and a staircase (father north) followed by an exit only escalator, the only one on the Dearborn Street Subway, to east side of Dearborn Street between Jackson and Van Buren. These are just north of the 'L' Station at Harold Washington Library State/Van Buren that is a free out of system transfer with Ventra Card. These entrances have been modernized with large black portals (in a similar style to the gold ones for the State Street Subway) and modern blue tiling.
Photos 1: 13 October, 2003; 2: 23 October, 2004; 3-5: 15 July, 2009; 6-13: 17 August, 2012; 14-20: 4 August, 2012; 21-31: 10 June, 2018

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The staircase for the red line train transfer
A night time view of a station entrance, when the Blue Line still went to both Forest Park and 54/Cermak
A renovated entrance with the el beyond (there is a free farecard transfer)
A renovated entrance with the retro lights
Sign for the CTA Blue Line Destinations
Sign for the corridor outside of fare control to the Red Line
An exit staircase to Van Buren
A mosaic J in the renovated curved blue ceiling of the platform
A track wall sign in a blue trimline above artwork
Waiting passengers in the well lit renovated station
Above the staircase to the red line passageway
A platform map, still shows the rush hour spur of the blue line
Lettering on the tiles that surround the escalator landing
The out of system passageway between the Blue and Red Lines
The turnstiles to the Blue Line trains
A platform wall map, notice the white square, it covers up the former 54/Cermak branch
The sign for the Red Line is a rare bit of red in blue color scheme of the renovated station
The deep connecting within fare control passageway between the Red and Blue Lines
The Blue Line end of the connecting tunnel
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