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LaSalle/Van Buren is the only station of the 3 on the southern portion of the Loop that survives from the Loop's original configuration when it opened on October 3, 1897. Strangely there was once a transfer bridge between the platforms but it was removed long ago, this means the station today has no free change of direction transfer. The stop has two wooden side platforms with nondescript white railings. Towards the western end of the platforms is where there are two old, on platform station houses that still have ornate tin ceilings painted white. Canopies extend from them about cover about two car lengths. Inside the station house is where the turnstiles still are and two staircases lead down from each to the outside of a small intermediate passageway level, these are the only way to enter each platform. The exit the platforms there are two high turnstiles directly on each right outside the station houses that lead down to the intermediate mezzanine level. From the small intermediate mezzanine outside of fare control there are street stairs down to all four corners of LaSalle and Van Buren Streets (although through traffic is prohibited north on LaSalle due to the Chicago Board of Trade's security barricades). The entrance from the SW corner is unique because it passes through the interior facade of a building (an extension of the board of trade), whose southern end is Metra's Van Buren Street Station used by the Rock Island Line, although there isn't a direct connection between the Metra and 'L' Station without going down to the street. There is one more exit at the western end of only the Outer Loop (Brown Line) Platform. Here a high exit turnstile on the platform leads down to a covered street stair at the SW corner of Clark and Van Buren Streets. Above this high old turnstile (painted white) is a yellowing sign saying Out.
Photos 1-8 taken on 17 July, 2009, 9-29 on 3 August, 2011; 30-34: 25 June, 2016

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#3234 and an Orange Line train continues around the inner loop
An Orange Line train keeps leaving
A platform sign, the pink and orange are reversed compared to Library
The middle walkway between the two sides of the station
Sign for the Inner Loop platform
An entrance
Beneath the station
Beneath the western end of the station
The exit staircase from the brown line platform
The railings are peeling at the bottom of the exit only staircase to the outer loop, brown line platform
The old station house nestled beneath existing buildings
The entrance is at the Chicago Board of trade
A street stair
On the middle mezzanine
Going up to the inner loop station house
Paying your fare and coming out of the inner loop station house
Two high turnstiles along the platform allow passengers to exit without entering the station house
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LaSalle/Van Buren

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