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LaSalle is a deep-level underground station on the Blue Line just after it curves east just south of the loop to head due east out on its southern branch to Forest Park. The station was the original southern terminus of the Milwaukee-Dearborn Subway when it opened on February 25, 1951. This lasted until June 22, 1958 when the extension in the median of the Congress Expressway opened and the Blue Line was extended through to Clinton. The station has as single island platform for the two track line. This island platform is dark and hasn't been renovated. A series of cream colored I-beam columns run along both platform edges. These hold up an arched ceiling above the actual platform that has dim florescent lights running down the middle of it. Signage is modern L's along the platform columns plus older signs hanging from the ceiling that have LaSalle written in white text (designed to be illuminated) with a blue border. The station has a single exit at the eastern end of the platform, here two escalators, one for each direction, side-by-side and a staircase at the extreme end of the platform lead up to a small mezzanine just below street level. Here is the one set of turnstiles and four streetstairs lead out to the surface. Two on each side of Congress Parkway between LaSalle Street and Clark Street. These streetstairs have been rebuilt and are modern retro glass kiosks with black beam work.
All photos taken on 3 July, 2013

Across from two of the station's black and glass entrance kiosks
A modernized entrance to the Subway Blue Line at LaSalle
The back of an entrance
White original text on the top of a platform wall for LaSalle St. Station
Approaching the fare control area in the middle of the mezzanine
Public Telephones? I think they've been replaced by these historical photos
Down the one staircase to the deep platform
Arriving O'Hare or Forest Park on the back of the escalators that arrive just ahead
A tiny sign for the stair exit at the eastern end of the platform
An old (I think original) LaSalle Sign
A O'Hare-bound train arrives in the station below a LaSalle Sign
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