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El Cajon Transit Center was the northern terminus of the East Line (now called the Orange Line) for six years after it opened in June 1989 with the Green Line joining in 2005. In September 2012 it become the terminus of the Orange Line again after trains were cut back from Gillipse Field with only Green Line trains continuing north. The reason is simply low-ridership. The station has the standard 2 low-level (3 inch high) side platforms with their tactile warning strips. The station platforms' southern ends are at the grade crossing with Palm Avenue and they gradually extend north and rise up over the existing street grid requiring ramps and staircases down to the other entrances and requiring red fences. The San Diego-bound platform has 4 wooden canopied squares with a single red column holding the canopy up. It has additional entrances from Front Street. The Santee-bound platform has a grand central wooden canopied area in the middle of the platform with a wooden El Cajon sign above it where the main staircase (and there is a ramp) leads down to the station's major bus loop with 15 connecting lines beneath. These bus lines all surround a central plaza with a wooden depot building in the middle of it that contains restrooms and some concessions. North of this area a 469 space park & ride lot stretches north along the Trolley Line to Main Street which the trolley crosses over on an overpass.
Photos 1-10 taken on 15 March, 2007, 11-22 taken on 22 March, 2011

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The El Cajon Transit Center is a real intermodal hub in the middle of the San Diego County suburbs. In this photo the building for the depot that appears to have food service of some sort is visible along with a bus and taxi stand.
Looking down the platform at El Cajon Transit Center. The station like all of the San Diego Trolley is at a sidewalk level, and the tracks have concrete under them and can be crossed anywhere.
Another view down the two side platforms at the El Cajon Transit Center.
S70 'Avanto' LRV #3003 leads a Eastbound Green Line train into El Cajon Transit Center.
S70 'Avanto' LRV #3003 continues to lead a Westbound Green Line train into El Cajon Transit Center. It is one of the ten Low-floor LRVs the San Diego Trolley has. This train also has a SD 100 that trails this LRV.
A platform sign for the El Cajon Transit Center with the view off the viaduct the rail line is on.
The stark differences between the S70 'Avanto' LRVs (#3003) and SD100 LRVs (#2026) are highlighted on a Eastbound Green Line train.
SD100 LRV #2024 and a Eastbound Green Line train to Santee leave El Cajon Transit Center.
SD100 LRV #2024 continues up the viaduct as it has left El Cajon Transit Center.
SD100 LRV #2024 and the rest of a Green Line train continue leaving El Cajon Transit Center after they had stopped in the station.
A parking lot is alongside one of the platforms
Looking up at the platform
Looking across to the main central canopied portion of the El Cajon Platform
Two different types of signs
One of the concrete staircases up to the platforms
The platform ramp up from one of the parking lots
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