Oakland, CA
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Cabbage #90218 Oakland terminates in Oakland
Cabbage #90218 Oakland is on the California Comets Trainset
A profile view of Cabbage #90218 Oakland the nice curves of the F40s, a mainstay of Amtrak for many years
The new CT Amtrak California logo and Comet Car #5009 that was once a cab car, the now sealed windows are visible
The back of Cabbage #90218 and Comet Car #5009 The Valley Flyer
Two out of service trainsets in Oakland, the California BiLevel Cars will soon enter service for Sacramento as Train #732, the train of single-level Comets has finished service (and will soon deadhead back to the Oakland yard) as Train #711
The Cab lights are on for both California Cab Car #8312 and Cabbage #90218
Cabbage #90218 leads the deadheading California Comet Single Level Train out of the station
The deadheading cars continue to leave the station and head down the middle of the street
Cabbage #90218 Oakland in the middle of the Oakland Embarcadero
Cabbage #90218 Oakland
Cabbage #90218 Oakland pulls the California Comet cars, the stripe looks more blue than black
The middle Horizon Dinette Car #53509 now named Pacific Horizon with a large Amtrak California logo and the state flag
More Comet Cars are behind the Horizon Dinette
F59PHI #2010 is pushing this deadheading train that was San Joaquin #711 down the Embarcadero to the yard
San Joaquin train #711 had five Comet Coaches, a Horizon Cafe, and was led by a locomotive, trailed by a Cabbage Car for push-pull operations
F59PHI #2010 continues pushing the train of Comet Cars down the Embarcadero
The California Comet Cars deadheading, fade into the distance going down the middle of the Embarcadero towards their train yard
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Home<Amtrak<Oakland-Jack London Square, CA<Photos Page 7

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