Oakland, CA
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F59PHI #2013 keeps leading an arriving train into the station
F59PHI #2013 continues to enter
F59PHI #2013 comes to a stop on Track 1
The lights of the depot through the glass at night
A nighttime view of the rows of chairs in the empty waiting room
An Amtrak Crew switches some private varnish onto the Coast Starlight that will continue north with it
A Conductor has a lantern to direct the switching engineer putting some private varnish on the back of the northbound Coast Starlight
The Pullman Car has made the attachment to the Coast Starlight
Getting off California Comet Car #5008 The Redwood, on its third life, originally an NJT Arrow I EMU, then an NJT Comet 1B, now a long-distance car
San Joaquin Train #711 using the newly rebuilt California Comet Cars terminates at Oakland-Jack London, 55 minutes late
F59PHI #710 has been the motive power, pulling the train up from Bakersfield
F59PHI #710
The repower logo on F59PHI #710 and the much higher height to the smaller, Northeast profile Comet Cars, this one was once a cab car, now the windows are covered
The middle car has always been with Amtrak, and started its life partially in use in California, its Horizon Dinette #53509, it is sporting a new paint scheme complete with heritage NJT logos!
Comet #5009 and the front open vestibules
The current name of this car is The Valley Flyer, there are small name plaques with names of historical trains in the state of California
Cabbage #90218 is on the train for push-pull with a new heritage paint scheme (from the 1980s) of light blue and green lines
The front of Cabbage #90218 of just terminating San Joaquin Train #711 and the trainset that will become Capitol Corridor Train #732 to Sacramento that originates in Oakland
A normal Double-Decker California Car set and the new Comet set, using renovated old cars, the state bought to alleviate a severe car shortage from ridership booms
These two trains are at Jack London Square · Oakland
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Home<Amtrak<Oakland-Jack London Square, CA<Photos Page 7

Last Updated: 22 July, 2012
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