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  • Transportation Camp and a not alone SSL trip home

    I have my adventure with the door to the bike car, not quite platforming as I arrive and then start bike riding down Roosevelt Road with the unique crosswalk/bike line towards the UIC Student Center on Halstead Street.   I ride over the Railroad yards and turn north towards Halstead Street to get to the student […]

  • A Private South Shore Line ride with my bike to Transportation Camp Chicago

    This past May (on May 5th to be exact) I headed into Chicago to attend the inaugural Transportation Camp Chicago for the day. Louise and I considered getting a hotel room and making a weekend out of it but with a big trip (no transit involved) the following weekend, tickets to Kinky Boots in South […]

  • Flying Home From Disneyland to my first ride on Amtrak’s Blue Water to Niles

    After a great day at Dinseyland, on a trip designed to keep us on eastern time, we work up (almost naturally) shortly before 6:00am at the Courtyard by Marriot Anaheim Convention Center, quickly packed up and hailed a Lyft to John Wayne Airport. The ride was quick (taking from 6:09 to 6:27) and cost $16.49, […]

  • The South Shore Line to the CTA Blue Line to Spirit Airlines to the Metro Green Line to an Uber to Dinseyland

    This past April Louise and I had already paid for days at Dinseyland and again headed off to Anaheim for a quick weekend at Louise’s Happiest Place on Earth. Unlike last year when the trip ended with us getting home at 4:00am Monday morning we planned this trip with the goal of “staying on Eastern […]

  • Chicago-Union Station is Rebuilt with Tons of New Photos

    I made a page for Chicago-Union Station, way back in 2008 in an old format that didn’t acknowledge Metra, and pretty much stopped updating it. I got into the bad habit of embedding photos from trip reports through Chicago-Union Station (I plan to continue to do this in trip reports of photos such as lines […]

  • Metra La Salle Street and the new White Sox Station

    Here’s another Chicago Metra update, getting Chicago area stations out of my archive, that brings another Downtown Chicago terminal onto the web: La Salle St. Station–(18 Photos) 35th St. / “Lou” Jones–(23 Photos) Enjoy!  

  • The Hammond SLE Station

    I don’t particularly like doing single station updates (without it being a one day transit adventure), but there’s no other good place for this update. The last not-uploaded South Shore Line Photo essay is of Hammond–(47 Photos), which I visited the same day I biked to the Hammond-Whiting Amtrak Station, did the South Chicago Branch […]

  • Metra Down in Blue Island

    I’m trying to get all the photos I’ve ever taken in Chicagoland up on the web (I’m getting very close), this update is from a trip I took down to Blue Island about 6 years ago, Metra Electric Down, Rock Island District back north: Burr Oak–(34 Photos) Blue Island (Metra Electric)–(11 Photos) Praire St./Blue Island–(11 […]

  • Update: 2 Winnetka and 2 Evanston Metra UP North Stations

    I’m currently trying to clear my not-uploaded/written archive of all Metra Stations I’ve visited, here are the 4 more remaining on the Union Pacific North Line: Hubbard Woods–(11 Photos) Winnetka–(13 Photos) Central St./Evaston–(19 Photos) Main St./Evanston–(16 Photos) Enjoy! The main goal of this is both to finish as much Metra content as I can, and […]

  • Update: Crystal Lake and Pingree Road

    I’m trying to clear everything Chicago and Metra related out of my vast archive from previous trips. One main reason is that it makes writing up more recent adventures so much easier when I have the framework of stations I’ve already visited. This update is two stops I visited back on October 30, 2011: Crystal […]