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  • Update: 2 Winnetka and 2 Evanston Metra UP North Stations

    I’m currently trying to clear my not-uploaded/written archive of all Metra Stations I’ve visited, here are the 4 more remaining on the Union Pacific North Line: Hubbard Woods–(11 Photos) Winnetka–(13 Photos) Central St./Evaston–(19 Photos) Main St./Evanston–(16 Photos) Enjoy! The main goal of this is both to finish as much Metra content as I can, and […]

  • Update: Crystal Lake and Pingree Road

    I’m trying to clear everything Chicago and Metra related out of my vast archive from previous trips. One main reason is that it makes writing up more recent adventures so much easier when I have the framework of stations I’ve already visited. This update is two stops I visited back on October 30, 2011: Crystal […]

  • The Manhattan and the New Lenox Metra Stations

    My first South Shore Line bike trip after I moved to South Bend back in June of 2016 consisted of me taking (with someone who had a gas powered bicycle that stank and shouldn’t have been allowed in the bike car) the weekend Inbound Express train at Hammond (still need up to write that station), […]

  • Pace Bus 802 to a Snowy ride on the UP West Line back to Chicago

    This is final section (part 3 or 3) of February 17th, 2018’s adventures on the the BNSF Railway and UP West Line. After getting on Pace Bus 802 at the Aurora Transportation Center, we leave on time but it’s a slow ride. It’s snowing fairly hard at this point and the driver is definitely focused […]

  • Getting 9 out of 21 Stations on the 5-10 Minutes late Metra BNSF Railway from Berwyn to Aurora

    This is the part 2 (of 3) of February 17th, 2018’s adventures. After getting off Pace Bus 307 I get my photo essay of Harlem Avenue–(19 Photos). I then start walking briskly down Windsor Avenue to Berwyn–(30 Photos). There I get my pictures and head to the shelter on the outbound platform. A man is sitting […]

  • Riding the Green Line out to Oak Park to start a Metra Adventure

    This is part 1 of what will be a 3 part series on my February 17th Metra adventures. This past weekend, Louise and I spent in Chicago so Louise could go to a one-day conference on Saturday. I decided to spend the day doing another Metra Weekend Pass adventure. Looking at schedules I realized that […]

  • A few more Chicago Northside Metra Stations

    I’m trying to get all the Metra Stations I’ve photographed out of my archive. In this update are four stations on Chicago’s Northside, within city limits. On the UP North Line: Rogers Park–(17 Photos) Ravenswood–(13 Photos) On the UP Northwest Line: Irving Park–(26 Photos) Finally, on the Milwaukee North Line: Healy–(17 Photos) Enjoy!

  • Driving Back from O’Hare with a few Metra Station Stops

    I’m having a quiet snowy New Years Eve home in South Bend, so I might as well make another website update. Two weeks ago today (December 17) I went with Louise and her Dad to O’Hare to drop them off. Then I drove home, making a few Metra stops, with a goal of getting my […]

  • A Snowy South Shore Line Round-trip to Gary to try and listen to the Rail Rangers

    This New Years Weekend, I’m spending alone in cold and snowy South Bend. Louise is still in warm Southern California (I have in my queue a post about this trip with a visit to a unique Amtrak Station) where I was last weekend and will be returning to next weekend. The weather right now has […]

  • Upload: Metra Milwaukee West through Mars

    It’s been a busy December but this bitterly cold New Years Weekend I’m alone in South Bend so I’m hoping to get lots of website updates (focus in on Metra with a little Amtrak thrown in), since going to Chicago to go on transit adventures feels a bit unwise. To start: On Halloween 2011, I […]