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  • This trip took place on June 3, 2017 Last month, my one other good railfan friend Robbie was visiting me in South Bend. He arrived on Friday on a 3 hour late Capitol Limited. On Saturday, we rented a car for 24 hours (I still don’t have my own vehicle in South Bend) and we […]

  • Cermak-McCormick Place – The newest CTA Station!

    I can’t believe I didn’t make this update earlier, back in August I needed to take the ‘L’ to get to something in. I was on a weekend South Shore Line train, that makes the McCormick Place–(17 Photos) Stop and decided to get off at this bizarre station beneath the convention center, that’s hard to […]

  • Columbus Day Evening in Michigan City

    Happy Holidays everyone! I actually stayed in South Bend with my Louise instead of traveling back to New York City.I’ve finally found time for another website update, this one about an adventure to Michigan City to spend the evening rush hour as the sunset photographing South Shore Line trains running down the middle of the […]

  • My South Bend Train Stations

    Life has once again (doesn’t it always) gotten in the way of this website, between settling into life in South Bend, making friends, and moving into my permanent apartment that needed furnishing, I did not have as much time as I expected this summer to update this website. It’s definitely time though to bring the […]

  • Glenview and La Grange in Metra Territory

    This is a bit of an unusual update but one I’m making to try and get all the Amtrak stations I can on the website. It is 3 stations in Metra territory, the Chicago Commuter Rail system that I’ve also written a rudimentary home page for: Glenview–(24 Photos) La Grange Road–(60 Photos) Stone Avenue–(51 Photos) […]

  • All of the Chicago ‘L’ is done! The rest of the CTA Blue Line!

    I am proud to announce that the SubwayNut is now home to the United State’s second largest transit system by the number of stations. The Chicago ‘L’ is fully here with photo essays of all 145 Stations!  I’ve finally gotten the rest of the Blue Line up: O’Hare Airport–(17 Photos) Rosemont–(29 Photos) Cumberland–(40 Photos) Harlem–(37 Photos) […]

  • The Lake Branch of the CTA Green Line out to Oak Park

    With this update I can finally call the Green Line complete (except Harlem lacks a description because I’ve got to go back there and have very few photos and also need to decide if a combined section with Metra makes sense or have them separate): Harlem–(7 Photos) Oak Park–(20 Photos) Ridgeland–(10 Photos) Austin–(22 Photos) Central–(20 […]

  • The Rerouted CTA Red Line Down the Southside Elevated with the Green Line

    I’ve been working on a few big projects over the past few weeks and keep not getting any of them finished enough to warrant an actual update. I also haven’t gone anywhere in the past week and a half, after an uneventful not transit based car ride driving my grandmother back from our Summer House […]

  • The CTA Blue Line Milwaukee Subway and Elevated

    Well my hope was to try and make it all the way out O’Hare this evening but I didn’t quite have a chance instead this update will complete the Blue Line as it was (except Logan Square was above ground not underground) in the 1950s when the Dearborn-Milwaukee Subway opened but before the Eisenhower Expressway […]

  • CTA Additions: The 2 Missing Purple Line Stations and in the Loop (with the diverted Green Line signs)

    After Monday’s upload of Amtrak Station’s in Wisconsin I decided it was finally time to get through and finish up Chicago. I’m postponing Boston until after next week because I’m headed up to Maine next week and will have a couple of hours between my Acela train arriving (I could take a Regional an hour later […]