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St. Joseph, MI finishing the Pere Marquette (and pages for all completed Amtrak Routes)

St. Joseph, MI(37 Photos) is a small lakeside city that Louise and I enjoy visiting, so I’ve walked by it’s Amtrak station on many occasions. I hope this summer once the days are longer to get the Pere Marquette stopping (at 9:15pm) in daylight or in the sunset. With this I’ve (visited by car) all 3 intermediate stops on the Pere Marquette Route (although I need to get back up to Grand Rapids to get the new station there).


As I was writing this update I decided it was finally time to get home pages written for the Amtrak routes I’ve visited (throughout the country) and uploaded a page of every station on: Amtrak Cascades,Capitol Corrido,San Joaquin,Pacific Surfliner,Pere Marquette,HiawathaEmpire Service (well making pages for Penn Station needs to be done, perhaps this will give me motivation), and Piedmont.

So the reason for the lack of updates the past few weeks was my usual busyness of life and having to get these pages written. Hopefully in a few months on a few trips (with some visits by car, but I’ve come to accept those) I’ll also get to add the Wolverine to this list.