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Upload: Buenos Aires Celeris (Puerto Maderno) Tramway

Well, My trip to Argentina was cut short my getting hit by a car and breaking my arm, which I had to fly home to have surgery on (I’m recovering fine, all things considered), unfortunately this makes me have to type with one hand, so trying to update the website has become a much more tedious process. The two weeks I lasted out of four were absolutely amazing. Not wanting to compromise my format for the New York City Subway Pages I’ve decided to work on my sections of the various rail based transportation lines I photographed during my time there. These pages with have all my usual photos but I’ve decided that for them (at least) to abandon my usual format of captioning each photo with a text description, instead each station page will only have a short text description at the top of the page.

To begin with I present all four stations of a tiny and almost completely single tracked 1.5 mile starter tramway line along a freight ROW in the Puerto Maderno section of Buenos Aires. The line even has only one LRV currently on site. Locally the line (and what many want to become a network) is called Celeris. The wikipedia entry calls it the Tranvía del Este “The Puerto Madero Tramway”.

Here’s the link to the section

Celeris Celeris – Tranvía del Este – Puerto Madero Tramway (43 photos total in this section)