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Greetings from Buenos Aires

Yes, as the heading says I´m currently updating this blog from an internet cafe in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I´m here, in Argentina for a month in all, and in Buenos Aires for four more days, before I take off for Patagonia-the main reason I´m in this country in the first place-a completely non railfan related place. Buenos Aires though will become a decent sized section on the website. It´s Subte (unforchunately for rooling stock photos) is entirely underground, and also fairly extensive-Extensive enough that I haven´t decided yet if I´ll end up doing a station to station or not. It´s also one of the most crounded subway systems I´ve ever ridden, completely sanding room only even in the middle of the day. The stations are relatively interesting, each boasts extensive murals. The most interesting aspect through is Line A-This line still uses its original 1913 wooden subway cars, that rumble along providing a nice breeze from all the windows that are always open. I wish I could upload some of my photos to demonstrate just how interesting the subtre is but they´ll have to wait a month until I return to the states, I have no way to post photos from internet cafe computers. I also plan to try and ride some of their suburban train lines, and the Premetro a short tram line. Another interesting feature is there extensive use of up escalators that escourt you out of the subway system without ever having to pass through a turnstile to officially exit like you always have to do in New York, even if there is an escalator that could do the job Lawrence Street is the only example I can think of. The other amazing thing about the Subtre is that its extremely cheap, one ride costs 1.10 Argentinian Pesos, the equivilent of only 28 US Cents, unforchately they don´t off any bulk ride discounts or unlimited ride options, but I can´t complain that I can buy over seven subtre rides for less than the price of a MetroCard Single Ride in NYC

Anyway, yet again almost a month has gone by without any actual updates to the website. My classwork and other stuff was again keeping me busy. The next time to look for any real updates will unforchunately be a month from now, over Thanksgiving weekend, which will be right after I´ve returned from Argentina, visted the family by stopping in New York on my way back from Argentina the week before, and will be having a nice relaxing time back in Colorado Springs. Sorry loyal visitors to be on hyatus until than but hang tight, and watch this blog for more updates from Buenos Aires and Argentina.

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Hi jeremiah! I stumbled across your website, and absolutely love it!!!How did you photograpgh all these stations? I live in brooklyn about 4 stops from the Franklin ave. station on the A/C line. Anyway just wanted to say hello and thank you, and hope you are having an amazing time in Argentina!