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Celeris - Tranvía del Este - Puerto Madero Tramway
This is a 1.5 mile long, starter, almost entirely single tracked tramway that runs within a freight right of way along the north side of Alicia Moreau de Justo in the Puerto Maderno neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The line opened on July 14, 2007. Although there is a small double tracked section of the currently it appears only one Alstom LRV (#153) is on site so only one single train is used. Tickets are purchased at stations before being punched by a ticket checker on board, a single ride costs 1 Argentinean Peso, about 26 US cents. The stations are all simple mini-high level platforms for level boarding and two of them even have trees planted directly on the platforms that make their way up to the sky through openings in the platform's canopies.
October 10, 2012: Service on the line has been fully discontinued, in the final year the headways were as low as every 40 minutes!
Celeris on the SubwayNut
Track Map and Stations:
Independencia Belgrano Corrientes Cordoba
Home<Worldwide<Buenos Aires<Celeris - Tranvía del Este - Puerto Madero Tramway
Celeris Tramway

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