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S 25th Station consists a simple single platform (the only intermediate stop with a single platform), located on the south side of South 25th Street just after the line turns off of Pacific Avenue, south of downtown. The train here has its own designated lane. (a single track streetcar has too, it would be dangerous otherwise). The platform is located right in front of Elephant Car Wash. The station platform consists of a raised separate area with entrances at either end off the sidewalk and has artwork consisting of cut outs of fish above the station's glass canopy. There are also two little windscreens but no benches.

Dedicated November, 2013: Just south of the station is the A Street Pedestrian Underpass under Sounder's Lakewood Extension. The column and support in the middle of the the overpass is covered by Lock on Tacoma. It consists of its two purple columns wrapped with a screen designed for people to add their own love lock. The beam that holds up the railroad above it has oversized hart shaped locks (with plenty of jewels) and oversized keys.
Photos 1-6 taken on 12 July, 2006, 7-12 taken on 14 October, 2011, 13-20: 11 April, 2014

Looking across Commerce Street to the Tacoma Dome-bound side platform
A platform sign on a lamppost for S 25th
A hanging station sign and information panel underneath the canopy at S 25th
Skoda Low-Floor Tramcar 10T #1003 bound for Tacoma Dome, goes across A Street to enter S 25th Station
Skoda Low-Floor Tramcar 10T #1003 stops at S 25th
Skoda Low-Floor Tramcar 10T #1003 continues down S 25th Street, to its next and last stop, Tacoma Dome Station.
On the single platform
The cut-outs of fish
Another view down the platform
Getting off the Link in front of the car wash
Car #1003 going to Tacoma Dome leaves down the single track
Car #1003 fades into the distance
The car wash and S 25th platform in front of it
Lock on Tacoma
The other pillar of Lock on Tacoma with just an assortment of locks (nothing like those found on the Brooklyn Bridge or in Paris that are frequently clipped)
The Sounder Overpass near the station
The new underpass with the distinctive Lock on Tacoma
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