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Tacoma Dome Station is the southern terminus for the Tacoma Link Light Rail, the single track of the station (and the line that is single tracked until just before Union Station) continues beyond another block down South 25th Street before crossing it to reach the Operations and Maintenance Facility. The stop is a single platform on the north side of 25th Street a slightly east of D Street with a simple glass canopy. It is across the street from Freighthouse Square and the entrance through it to reach the Sounder Platform. It is right outside one of two large free Parking Garages, Parking West and Parking East (to keep cars out of downtown Tacoma itself) with a total of 2,283 parking spaces. The bottom of these garages, whose footprint stretches for two hole blocks from E to G streets between 25 Street and Puyallup Avenue, hosts separate Pierce Transit and Link and Sounder Customer Service Offices along with a bus loop for Sound Transit Express buses and Pierce Transit. It also includes the Tacoma Greyhound Station. The entire complex is 3 blocks away down Puyallup Avenue from the Tacoma Amtrak Station, and no signs in the complex (their all in a Pierce Transit font) direct transferring passengers to it. A Sound transit sign outside of it along South 25th Street does.
Photos 1-7 taken on 12 July, 2006, 5-29 taken on 14 October, 2011

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A clock tower at a bus loop entrance
A sign for the bus loop outside the station
Skoda Low-Floor Tramcar 10T #1103 enters Tacoma Dome station to terminate and so the operator can change ends to head back north
Skoda Low-Floor Tramcar 10T #1003 goes down the single track in the median of 25th Street bound for Tacoma Dome
Skoda Low-Floor Tramcar 10T #1003 continues down S 25th Street.
Skoda Low-Floor Tramcar 10T #1003 in the median of S 25th Street approaching its last stop Tacoma Dome
Skoda Low-Floor Tramcar 10T #1001 bound for Theater District stops at Union Station/S 19th
Skoda Low-Floor Tramcar 10T #1003 bound for Tacoma Dome crosses S 21st St
The east parking garage is on a slight hill
Looking up the hill to the east garage
Station parking entrance
Pierce Transit Sign for the different station transit modes
Sound Transit format sign for the three seperate rail stations in the area
Outside one of the garages
The pedestrian entrance to Parking West
The station is home to the T Dome Bus Shop for Pierce Transit
The main entrance to Parking West
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