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Talamadge Hill is the closest to a Park & Ride Station on the New Canaan Branch in a neighborhood of trees and rolling hills. The station has a four car long side platform for the single-track, electrified branch line that begins at the edge of a narrow bridge over the Merritt Parkway (with a sign for Metro-North) and runs south ending just before the grade-crossing of Talamadge Hill Road. The simple island platform has silver blocky railings, with two staircases and ramp down to the main parking lot just beneath it. Waiting passengers have their choice of two narrow black with white domed roof shelters at each end of the platform or a slightly larger black one or grey one in the middle of the platform. Additional parking is additional parking lots across the grade-crossing from the station on each side of Talamadge Hill Road.
All Photos: 6 October, 2018

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The closest parking lot to the train platform
Looking down the single-track station from the grade-crossing
The simple concrete platform has just a few shelters for waiting passengers
Grass overlooks the platform dividing the small parking lots in the hilly terrain
Signs that it's unlawful to cross when gates are down (even if it means missing your train)
The ramp up to the simple platform
A Talmadge Hill platform sign
Looking across the platform to the other small parking lots on the other side of the tracks
The ramp off the platform
The main waiting area, a double-wide black, and normal grey shelter
A platform sign and northern-most staircase off the platform
The shelter and end of the platform, a tiny portion with a steel bottom is at the start of the Merritt Parkway Bridge
The narrow single-track rail bridge over the Merritt
The shelter at the northern end of the platform
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Home<New York Area<Metro-North<New Haven Line<New Canaan Branch<Talmadge Hill
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