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New Canaan is the terminus of the approximately 6 mile single-track namesake branch from the New Haven Main Line. This branch receives off peak service hourly from Shuttle trains from Stamford. Shuttle trains are timed to connect with the hourly base service express trains to Grand Central (local trains to Grand Central enter service just a few minutes later), and local trains continuing to New Haven, that drop off passengers for the next Shuttle trip up to New Canaan. Direct service to Grand Central operates during rush hour with limited reverse-peak service (a few reverse peak trains are direct service), due to the single-track nature of the branch line without any passing sidings (first train arrives at 8:38am, and there is a gap in departing Grand Central-bound trains from 5:15pm to 7:28pm).

New Canaan station itself has one single platform for the single platforming track, adjacent to the track are two siding tracks. This platform is high-level as required for all Metro-North electric stations. An interesting feature about the platform, when approaching it from the parking lot adjacent to the platform, is that the parking lot is at the same level with just a curb up onto the platform. Each end of the platform is more elevated. At the southern end, a staircase leads down to track level and an adjacent parking lot. The opposite end has a ramp that leads down by the terminating track bumper block (and end of the catenary wire), and adjacent siding track. The third siding track begins about two car lengths back, providing a sidewalk into a bank.

The middle of the platform contains a historic station house built in 1868. This station house was jacked up a few feet and moved slightly to allow for the building of the modern high-level platforms. This station house is painted yellow with a tall Victorian roof. Inside is a small waiting room with restrooms, benches, and a ticket office that was closed permanently on July 7th, 2010. There are also two historic shoe shine chairs. A framed newspaper clipping from 1994 discusses the New Canaan lifelong shoeshine man, Nick Luciano, a local resident who couldn't drive, and walked everyone and in a crash with a car dying at age 81. The station is the only one on the New Canaan branch with TVMs, outside the station building. Two long (and historically restored) canopy structures with gabled roods and small wooden New Canaan signs at each end extend to cover the entire platform on each side of the station house. These are held up with maroon support beams, the same color of the trim around the station windows.
Photos 1-6: 20 June, 2005;

A car parked, the car bumper over the platform at New Canaan, this is due to the unusual design of the high level platform.
M4 #8920 at New Canaan
Looking down the platform at New Canaan towards the parking lot
Looking down the platform at New Canaan, the train in the station isn't the typical two car shuttle train but a long train that will continue to Grand Central
Streetside of the station house at New Cannan
An ADA sign on the entrance to the station house at New Canaan
The small waiint room
The closed since 2010 ticket office
Doors to the restrooms in the back of the station house
The historic shoeshine chairs
Newspaper clipping on a chair in memoriam for the historic shoeshine man
Plaque from the local chapter of the NRHS for the New Canaan branch
The parking lot and taxi stand building at the same level as the high-level platform
Streetside of the historic station house
On the steps leading off the end of the platform
What will become the front of the next Stamford-bound Shuttle train trip
A wooden sign on the end of the gabled platfrom canopy
A platform sign
Home<New York Area<Metro-North<New Haven Line<New Canaan Branch<New Canaan
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