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Springdale is an intermediate stop on the New Canaan branch that was rebuilt with a high-level platform in 1972. This concrete high-level platform can accommodate 4 cars. The station originally contained a small entrance area with a grey Plexiglas shelter in the middle of the platform leading to a ramp and short staircase off the platform, and additional staircases at each end of the platform down to the parking lot along the platform. In 2010 a new grey metal canopy structure was constructed that covered the entire platform except in the middle by the original 1972 silver shelter. This canopy structure is anchored to the ground below the platform behind the original block silver platform fence that is still intact. Glass windscreens now run the length of the platform behind the platform fence.

The platform begins just south (with the Springdale Diner in between) of the grade crossing of Largo Drive. The entire platform is along the station's large 211 space parking lot which contains primarily monthly permit parking spaces with a small daily lot at the southern end of the parking lot beyond the end of the train platform. The daily parking lot has a barricade separating it from the monthly parking lot, and there is a small shelter with pay station between the lot and the train tracks. The parking lot extends nearly (there is one parcel with a building on it) to Omega Drive, a private grade-crossing into the River Bend Center, a commercial office park that does advertise it's convenience to Metro-North to potential lessors, although reverse-peak commuters need to be aware of a gap in service from 5:24pm to 7:37pm due to the single-track nature of the New Canaan branch.
All Photos: 6 October, 2018

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Stepping off a stopping Stamford-bound train at Springdale
A recycling center outside the original 1970s shelter
A Stamford-bound Shuttle train leaves
Looking towards the grade-crossing of Largo Drive north of the station
A platform sign
Behind the platform with a translucent glass shelter
Staircase to the northern end of the platform
In the parking lot, the platform behind
Across from the northern corner of the parking lot and a sign for River Bend Center
Approaching the Largo Drive grade-crossing
View, past the diner to the northern end of the platform from Largo Drive
Looking across to the main (still with the original shelter) platform entrance
The passenger drop-off and pick-up area across from the ramp up to the platform
Staircase up to the southern end of the platform
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Home<New York Area<Metro-North<New Haven Line<New Canaan Branch<Springdale
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