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Glenbrook is is an intermediate stop on the New Canaan branch that was rebuilt with a high-level platform in 1972. This concrete high-level platform can accommodate 4 cars. This platform is nestled between the grade-crossings of Glenbrook Road (at the northern end) and Crescent Street. The platform is along a 156 space uniquely shaped parking lot with entrances from Cresent Street and Glenbrook Road due to the unique angels of these streets. In the middle of the parking lot is the City of Stamford's Traffic Division signal department garage. The platform was rebuilt in 2011 and now has a modern canopy with a glass back windscreen along it's entire length. There are staircases up to the platform at each end with sidewalks leading a short distance to each grade-crossing and a wheelchair ramp and staircase up to the middle of the platform, where the platform gets slightly wider near the Traffic Department's building.
All Photos: 6 October, 2018

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The small further windscreened areas by the staircase and ramp off the middle of the platform
A Stamford-bound shuttle train leaves for the final short trip to its terminus of for all connections
A train of M8s heading towards Stamford leaves the modernized platform
A Stamford-bound train crosses Crescent Street out of the station
Looking through the glass windscreen to the staircase off the platform
A ramp leads off from this winder platform area (with extra windscreens) around the Traffic Department building
Leaving the Glenbrook platform via the ramp and approaching the parking pay station
At the bottom of the ramp up to the platform
Another parking pay station by the staircase to the southern end of the platform
Sidewalk to Crescent Street from the platform
View from the Crescent Street grade-crossing to the platform
Entrance to the parking lot, the daily parking spaces are numbered
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Home<New York Area<Metro-North<New Haven Line<New Canaan Branch<Glenbrook
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