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Bedford Hills is an upper Harlem Line station that was rebuilt for electrification in 1984 with a new island platform across from the historic depot. This depot was built in the late 1800s-early 1900s (at least by 1906). The depot is a Victorian-style brick building with a high-shingled wooden roof, canopies that used to cover the station's low-level side platform extend in both directions, each has painted green signs with Bedford Hills etched in gold paint. The depot also has a former covered horse and carriage drop-off loop, now paved over as part of the surrounding plaza so more modern cars don't get stuck under it. The middle of new 6-car island platform is directly in front of the depot. This platform begins just north of the overpass bridge of NYS Route 117. The platform is connected with the outside world by an elevator and staircase that lead up to an overpass structure. This structure connects with an elevator and staircase down to the plaza in front of the depot leading to a small plaza (with a drop-off loop), Adams Street and a town center shopping area surrounding the depot. A second staircase (only) leads to the west side of the platform and another parking area nestled near the Saw Mill River Parkway where the majority of the stations 357 permit parking spaces are.
All Photos: 15 September, 2015

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A Northbound train of M7As stops at Bedford Hills
View from in front of the depot of the platform
The area in front of the depot has a Penn Central sign in it
A New York Central sign in the depot window
A wooden sign on one end of the original wooden canopy where the side platform once was
A bench and more historical railroad signs in the depot windows
The former covered drop off loop, now an awning on sidewalk
Inside the pedestrian bridge station entrance
TVMs in the pedestrian bridge
The entrance on the parking lot side
Sign for Parking Pay Station on the overpass bridge
On the platform across from the historic depot
A shelter in the middle of the platform
The narrow northern end of the platform
The depot and staircase to the platform beyond
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Home<New York Area<Metro-North<Harlem Line<Bedford Hills
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