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Mount Kisco is another Harlem Line station with a poorly accessible island platform built in 1984 for electrification across from a historic train depot. The historic depot was built 1910 and is a single-story building built in the Richardson Romanesque style. It has wide porches where passengers originally waited for trains. The depot primarily now contains an Italian restaurant. The ticket window closed here in 2005 however signs by the elevators in the overpass say that a restroom is available in the station. There is also a historic freight house just south of the station house. This is now a pizzeria. Between the two historic buildings is a modern elevator shaft and enclosed staircase that lead up to a pedestrian bridge over to a single second elevator and staircase down to almost the southern end of the stations 8 car long platform. Main Street crosses over near the northern end of the platform but no extra staircases are provided for more convenient access. The platform is canopied for a couple car lengths and also contains some waiting shelters. This leads out to a large parking area primarily south of the station.
All Photos: 23 October, 2015

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A northbound train leaves Mount Kisco
The northern end of the platform and overpass of Main Street
The depot roof at Mount Kisco
The historic sign on the Mount Kisco Depot Catham 90.8 miles, New York 36.7 miles
The freight house now with Marios Pizza/Pasta
Looking down from the overpass
The former area in front of the depot where the low-level platform once was
The parking area and Marios Pizza Pasta
Outside the depot
A platform sign
View from the Main Street overpass of a Wassiac-bound diesel train approaching
A Wassaic-bound diesel train enters the station
P32AC-DM #207 leads a Wassaic-bound diesel train into the station
P32AC-DM #207 continues entering
The roofs of the Shoreliner Cars going through Mount Kisco
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