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Sea Cliff is a fitting name for this station because it is built directly into a hill with the depot above the New York-bound platform almost overlooking it. The station has two 4-car side platforms a short ways beyond the grade crossing of Sea Cliff Avenue that is the only connection between them. These high-level platforms each have the late 1990s design of green fencing and black lampposts but for shelter for waiting passengers there is a single historic wooden gabled roof shed, one of the few older shelters left on the LIRR with a bench inside it. This is the only provision for waiting passengers. The Oyster Bay-bound platform is along its own small parking lot with staircases and a ramp up to it. The New York-bound platform has access via a walkway to a ramp up from the grade crossing as well as from its slightly larger parking lot that is higher than the platform because the station is built into a hill. On the edge of this parking lot, overlooking above the platform and tracks, is where the historic Sea Cliff depot is. It opened in 1888 as a plaque on the building informs and is on the National Register of historic places. It is a brick building with a gabled roof and large sheltered areas coming off from either side that form a bit of an observation platform above the tracks. These areas were designed for the loading and unloading of carriages. The waiting room inside with some modern curved wooden benches and a restroom is still open from 5am to 2pm. It was staffed with a ticket agent until April 3, 1996 (Sandra Saslovsky, 'In Oyster Bay: LIRR Riders Await the Machine Age' Newsday March 24, 1996. E.09 Archive Link).
All photos taken on 2 December, 2011
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The depot along one of the parking lots
The middle of the depot where the actual station is
A vintage looking sign hanging from the porch area to one side of the depot
The depot is fenced in above the platform
The two platforms also have historic restored waiting shelters
The otherside of the depot raised above the platform
Looking across to the Oyster Bay-bound platform
One of two ramps up (this one from the grade crossing) to the New York-bound platform
An older sign post at a station entrance
Looking down on DM30AC #519 leading a Oyster Bay-bound train into the station
A train of C3s enters
A TVM inside the wooden canopied area that extends from the depot
Plaque for the landmark built in 1888
The little historic wooden canopy on the Oyster Bay-bound platform
A bench inside the depot
Another view inside
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Home<New York Area<Long Island Railroad<Oyster Bay Branch<Sea Cliff
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