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Glen Street is probably the stop most likely to have kept low-level platforms if the LIRR C3s had door traps. Today's high-level platforms can only accommodate 1.5 cars and are quite far away from the station's entrance at the grade crossing of Cedar Swamp Road (that becomes Glenn Street at the intersection nearby with Elm Avenue). The station is also extremely close to the two it is in between (at MP 27.3) with Sea Cliff (MP 26.7) and Glen Cove within a little over a half mile of the station. The stop was proposed to be closed in the 1996 with the rush to implement high-level platforms before the C3s were delivered, not because of a lack of ridership (250 passengers per weekday back then) but because of the design challenges for building the high-level platforms as evident at the station today. Community members were able to rally and save the station. (Google News Archive search for Glen Street LIRR). The depot was also staffed until November 20, 1996 (Phil Mintz. 'LIRR Machines Replace Vendors' Newsday November 7, 1996, A. 31).

The station today has the two short platforms for the two-track line. Each has the standard design of all the others on the Oyster Bay Branch with green railings and a single cream and green canopied shelter with a bench inside for waiting passengers that takes up most of the width of the platform. The Oyster Bay-bound platform is quite a walk by the former low-level platform from the grade crossing along a small parking lot to the platform accessed at its end by a single ramp. The New York-bound platform is along the stations larger parking lot. First next to the grade crossing is the depot, along the former low-level platform now closed off by a fence. It is a brick building with green trim and roofs that extend away from its center in both directions. Beneath some of these rafters is the station's TVM. It was completed in 1898. Inside is a wood paneled waiting room open from 4:30am to 2:00pm with a sealed up fire place that includes Pennsylvania RR-era LIRR logos on the mantlepiece, some wooden 'subway style benches,' and a restroom. The platform is beyond the depot and has a ramp up to it at the entrance closest to the depot and a staircase entrance at the other end.

All photos taken on 2 December, 2011

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The depot along the station parking lot
The curve of the tracks into the station, the actual platforms are out of sight
A sign erected in 1967 for the City of Glen Cove R.R. Station, the first train arrived on May 16, 1867
Beneath the extended canopies of the depot
Inside the wood paneled depot, there is a central bench
The fire place's mantel has LIRR engravings from the old Pennsylvania R.R.
Sunlight pours into the wood paneled depot
The benches are standard like those in many subway stations
The former platform area
The depot and access road to the parking lot
The ramp up to the short New York-bound platform
Entering the curved platform, Watch the Gap
Looking across to the short Oyster Bay-bound platform with its one ramp entrance
The platform set back from its parking lot
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