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Glen Cove is a two-track two four car side platform station on the Oyster Bay branch. It contains two side platforms who's southern ends are at the the grade crossing with Duck Pond Road. Like all the modernized Oyster Bay branch stations in 1998-2000 these platforms each has green fencing and a single sheltered bench with green and cream walls. The Oyster Bay-bound platform begins with a ramp up to it at the grade crossing and then has additional access via a few staircases and another ramp at its other end from the small parking lot along it and Norfolk Lane. The New York-bound platform begins with the ramp and staircase up to it from Duck Pond Road's grade crossing that immedately intersects Pearshall Avenue. This street continues to the other end of the high-level platform and curves away from the tracks becoming St. Andrews Lane. This is where the main station entrance is to a parking lot and where the depot is built in 1895 along the tracks where the low-level platform was until the high-level ones were built. The station house is a mortar structure with a high gabled roof and includes a chimney with a small round cupola next to it. Half of the roof covers the building itself while it also covers an open air area with arches for entrances to it where the station's TVM is. There is still an old Post-WWII Clock and ad hanging from the building. The depot's waiting room is still open from 4:30am to 2:00pm and was staffed by an agent until November 6, 1996 (Phil Mintz. 'LIRR Machines Replace Vendors' Newsday November 7, 1996, A. 31).

All photos taken on 2 December, 2011

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A sign at one of the entrances to the parking lot, the station house is behind, the truck outside just cleaned it
A Post WWII ad and clock hangs from the station house
The station house facing its former low-level platform
The wide green waiting room and closed ticket window
The single bench along one wall of the waiting room
Decorative murals in the walls above a set of doors into the depot
C3 #5013 leading a 4 car Jamaica-bound train approaches
C3 #5013 passing parked cars about to enter
A C3 passes the now fenced off low-level platform
C3 #5013 stopped at the station
The sign for Platform A New York and a train stopped at it
A train of C3s crosses Duck Pond Road to leave
DM30AC #511 pushes a Jamaica-bound train away
DM30AC #511
DM30AC #511 pushing its 4 car train curves south
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