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Glen Head is located in the small center of this hamlet. The station has two high-level platforms that lie midway between the grade crossings of Glen Head Road and Locust Avenue. Each has the modern green fencing and a single shelter for protection from the elements. Both of the platforms have connections to both of these grade crossings and they provide the only way to cross between the platforms. The previously used low-level platforms are still clearly in existence but fenced off with a few older LIRR era lampposts and a sign just south of the Glen Head Road grade crossing and north of the existing platforms. The Oyster Bay-bound platform is set back from Railroad Avenue that provides the pedestrian connection between the two grade crossings, with multiple staircases and a ramp down to the parking spaces on this street. School Road and Prospect Street end at this street. The New York-bound platfrom's southern end begins with a pathway with LIRR lighting along the tracks from the Locust Avenue grade crossing to a staircase up to then southern end of the platform. The other entrance is at the northern end, with a ramp and staircase down to some parking and Walnut Avenue that follows the former low level platform to the Glen Head Road grade crossing. It ends just before the station's small depot, with a waiting room open from 5am to 2pm. This depot looks like a pink little cottage with white shutters some dilapidated along the windows. There are even a few window boxes with plants growing in them. It was built in 1961, and is the third depot to serve the location (Long Island Station History, Trains are fun). The interior looks straight out of the 1960s with two sets of grey plastic bucket benches and green tiled walls. There is still a metal grate covering the ticket window that closed in April 1996 (Carole Paquette 'L.I.R.R. Moving to Drop 32 More Ticket Windows' The New York Times, Jaunary 14, 1996, Link).

All photos taken on 2 December, 2011

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A clock near the station's original platforms
The grade crossing that marks the northern entrance to the station where the low-level platforms used to immediately begin
A sign on the fence at the edge of the former low-level platforms and an older sign behind
An older Glen Head sign on the original low-level platform
The Glen Head Road grade crossing
The former Manhattan-bound low-level platform has a few lampposts this sign and some trees
TVMs outside the small modern station house
One side of the 1961 Station house
The departure sign and green walls of the depot
The chairs inside the depot also look streight out of the 1960s
The closed grate over the ticket window, it has been that way since 1996
The door out to the parking lot
Peeling shingles on the walls of the depot
Another view of the narrow area in front of the depot
The ramp up to the New York platform
The simple 1960s station house even has a chimney
A sign
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